Do Guys Like Makeup? 5 Reasons Why Your Man Hates Your Makeup

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Makeup: Are you a woman? Probably at one point or the other in life, you have ever been torn between applying makeup or not, right? Additionally, from time to time you are glued to your mirror, trying to make your face as flawless and as spotless as possible only to find out your boyfriend is less concerned about it. What a sudden change of events! You might have even tried doing your make-up in a different way but your man seems less concerned by what is happening. The above change of events has finally brought you to google to search whether men love makes ups or not. Don’t worry, you are in the right place.

Let’s get the facts right. Many women put on their make-up to look good in front of the eyes of their admirers and definitely to look sexually attractive. Women do expect to look more sassy and appealing to men by wearing make-up.

Do guys like Makeup?

This question is more of a personal one. A number of men love to see their girls in make-up as it makes the ladies more attractive. However, a good portion of men hate make-up and prefer to see their women on their natural skin and face tone.

5 Reasons Why Your Man hates Your Makeup:

1. Raw Nature is more arousing to men:

Most guys are attracted to women who remain in their natural form. This explains why natural breasts are more attractive the fake and plastic ones.

2. Your Man sees you differently than you see yourself:

When you use make-up to a point that you are no longer the girl she last saw, then you have to think twice about it. Most men love simplicity, a lady they can walk around without necessarily drawing too much attention.

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3. When the make-up makes you have two colour shades:

Honestly speaking, men can stand it when make-up makes you look two different colours. Most women can attest to the fact that it is hectic and stressful to pick the perfect shade of foundation for your skin tone. If a lady must use make-up, let it be spread evenly across all the visible parts, otherwise, it will form two layers and things won’t be so good.

4. Dark eye makeup:

Most men seem to have a problem with those eye shades of different colours. Why on earth would you use green makeup on the region near your eyes?

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5. Guys can’t stand the feeling of being tricked by makeup:

When a guy later realizes that a lady has been hiding her imperfections behind the make-up, it becomes nervewracking and a total turn-off.


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