Do Female Panty Lines Turn Men on? Response from a Fashion Expert:

why panty lines turn men on
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Panty lines are not as bad as people say they are. I have been receiving lots of questions regarding the panty lines. Since I have been handling a series of articles on panty lines, I decided to publish one of the controversial ones regarding how men see panty lines.

As a fashion expert, I would tell you for free that men are visual human beings who are pleased by what they see with their eyes. This explains why most of the ladies‘ outfits that are body-revealing are considered to be sexy. That is what exactly men want to see.

There have been numerous questions on the importance of panty lines. Do panty lines turn men on? I will be responding to these questions in the subsequent paragraphs below:

Do panty lines turn men on?:

This is a question that will require my personal import as a fashion expert. In my opinion, I would say yes. largely, males are affected by the slightest touch of fashion by the ladies.

Men love when they see panty lines on a female. For this reason, we carried out research among men using women who wore tight-fitting bodycon dresses and trousers. A good number of men if not all were attracted to the ladies with those tight-fitting clothes and bodycon dresses that revealed the panty lines from the outside.

Research done on dating couples on campuses and institutions of higher learning revealed that most men love it when they can see the panty lines in their girlfriend’s outfits.

why panty lines turn men on

One of our respondents, in his defense statement, argued that a panty line has more power than anything on earth and can turn on even a 70-year-old man. He ended his statement by claiming that a panty line can turn on hundreds of men at the same time.

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Men are very imaginative creatures. By the slightest exposure to a panty line, their minds go off and they end up thinking of nothing else but stream sessions and so on.

Personal Opinion:

In my opinion, to which I am entitled, I find visible panty lines to be incredibly sexy and erotic at the same time. However, it depends and varies from one person to another.

do men love panty lines?

What makes panty lines attractive and sexy to men?

A panty line is only attractive when worn by a girl or woman who has a nice butt, things, and a very nice body curve. It is probably the sexiest thing on the planet, hands down


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