Disney Princesses Outfit Review

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Disney Movies give us a lot of memories to remember way back in our childhood days. From singing and dancing to the music of Marry Poppins, Highschool Musical, Camp Rock, Hannah Montana, and many more! up to falling in love with the Prince and Princesses of Disney. Walt Disney must be very brilliant in releasing musical movies from animated to human acts.

You may be wondering what is the other reason why a lot of people, including me, are very into Disney, one of the reasons aside from the music is their Outfits. The Gowns and boots, the hair, the makeup, and the view are magnificent! That is why for today’s blog we will have an outfit review about Disney Princesses’ Outfit in a Movie!

Lily Collins: Snow White Outfit Review

Disney Princesses Outfit: lily collins as snow white

We have seen Lilly Collins in many different roles and we thought Emily In Paris is the best one she does on Television but actually, she’s more than the best in the role of Snow White in the movie Mirror Mirror. But you know what else is the best? Her Blue Gown with an Orange Ribbon at the back. Just look at the detail of the gown. The Double Pleats on the arm and the leave shape on the shoulder as well as the Diamond Pleats on the front of the gown are wonderfully made. As we can see there’s a lot of shape in the gown. The details are not the same as what the original Snow White wore which is quite unique.

Instead of using red color to match the blue gown the production choose the orange color to make a difference from the original which I love about. The big bow in the back is such a highlight in the movie, especially in the part where Lilly Collins started to sing. The colors are a mix and match well to the Lilly Collin’s Red Lipstick as well as the silver glittery crown.

Lilly James: Cinderella Outfit Review

Disney Princesses Outfit: lilly james as cinderella

Who would not fall in love with a girl who left her glass sandal? Lilly James did great in running away from the Prince and can we just notice how beautiful her Blue Gown is? Remember when she danced with Prince? The gown sways beautifully from where she goes. From that, we can tell that the gown is well-made and they are not just using a Petticoat to make it look like a ball gown. They are using full cloth for the gown that when you twirl it will look gracefully and beautifully. I wonder how heavy that was. Obviously, the gown is very different from the original but it turns out perfect! Lilly’s aura is just like the original Cinderella animated movie. She looks beautiful and I was captivated by how the way she looks.

Emma Watson: Beauty And The Beast Outfit Review

Disney Princesses Outfit: emma watson as belle

Emma Watson as Belle in the movie Beauty And The Beast is such a classic in how the way she transformed her character. How the way she dressed up as Belle and how the way she act is very different from her other role. Speaking of dressing up. Her gown is somewhat simple, unlike the original gown that is a ball gown. For this one, the cut is quite different as well as how long the gown is, but the details are unique and I love how the way they added a flowery effect to the gown.

Naomi Scott: Princess Jasmine Aladdin The Movie

Disney Princesses Outfit: naomi scott as princess jasmine

Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine from the movie Aladdin is very well played. I love the Peacock style Naomi wore in the movie. Very different from the original. The details, the linings, and the mix and match of the color green and gold are wonderfully made. Naomi’s aura, makeup, and hairstyle are magnificent just like the animated Jasmine. 

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Liu Yifei: Mulan Outfit Review

Disney Princesses Outfit: liu yifei as mulan

Aside from the animated, Merida from Brave, Elsa from Frozen, Raya from Raya and the Last Dragon, and Moana. Mulan is also one of my favorite Disney movies from the animated movie until Liu Yifei makes an entrance. Speaking of Liu Yifei, her outfit is such a warrior. Just like what her father’s sword said “Loyal, Brave, True” that’s what Mulan shows in her country.

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