Different Types of Jewellery and Their Names:

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In this post, you can see different types of jewellery and their names. Nowadays jewellery is like an outfit without it you are not completely ready and not ready to go anywhere or on any occasion. It gives you an Amazing look!!!!

types of jewellery

1. Handmade Jewellery:

It is a Rajasthan culture and was considered an art developed into perfection. It is long-life jewellery and gives you a look unique always and it is also very cheap jewellery.

types of jewellery: handmade

2. Bridal Jwellery:

Bridal jewellery in various colours and designs is available in the market. you can choose one of them by matching dresses. It gives you the perfect look for every occasion.

types of jewellery: bridal

3. Gold jewellery:

Gold is also considered auspicious for occasions like marriage, engagement, other occasions and daily basis uses. It is a little more expensive but gives you an amazing look!!!

types of jewellery: gold

4. Platinum jewellery:

It gives you purity, versatility etc. The cost is very high versus gold or other options. It trends with rings, earrings, necklaces etc.

types of jewellery: platinum

5. Diamond Jewellery:

Is more expensive rather than platinum. Get the perfect dose of shine for days you want to add some extra gleam to your looks!!!. 100% certified jewellery.

types of jewellery: diamond

6. Ivory Jewellery

Made from Ivory or its substitutes, they are considered to bring a bride luck as she begins her married life.

types of jewellery: ivory

7. Kundan Jewellery

Kundankari is centred in Rajasthani. Traditional Kundan jewellery has stones encrusted on one side and is colourful. It gives you a look like a Maharani.

types of jewellery: kundan

8. Navratna Jewellery:

In Navratna jewellery, nine Gemstones are used in a single ornament, with the belief that the nine stones together ensure the well-being of the person who wears them.

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By Deepa Verma

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