Different types of Check Patterns: Checks 101!

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Check patterns aren’t going away this year. They’ve always been popular, regardless of fashion, and, like stripes, they’re universally flattering to wear all year. The issue is, how well do you know them? Tartan, gingham, and checkerboard checks are distinct from one another even though they all have crisscrossed grid lines that connect in a perpendicular manner.

Different types of Check Patterns: Checks 101!


1.  Gingham

Ananya Pandey in a Ghingham Print Coord set

Gingham was initially a cloth manufactured from cotton mix yarn, but the term has also come to be linked with the design. The gingham weaving technique produces a monochromatic check pattern on a white backdrop. Depending on the colour selected, the amount of transparency changes.


2. Tartan

Deepika  Padukone in Tartan print coat

A tartan design comprises crisscrossed lines of varying widths in various colours, whereas a plaid is historically a piece of cloth worn by the Scottish with a tartan pattern. Also known as Plaid.


3. Houndstooth

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Priyanka Chopra in Houndstooth print Coord set

Houndstooth is a black and white pattern with even-sized notched checks. It, like glen plaid, is frequently seen in suit coats and officewear.


4. Graph check patterns

Sonam Kapoor Shows Us Exactly How To Wear Check patterns This Winter

Sonam Kapoor in graph check dress

As the name suggests, this check resembles a graph. Thanks to its origin, the pattern has a sporty but polished appeal and is often used in suit jackets and officewear.


5. Flannel Check Patterns

flannel yellow Check patterns

Sonakshi sinha in Flannel print two piece

As the cloth evolved over time, a check print was developed and quickly became its characteristic design. Flannel was eventually embraced by the grunge subculture in the 1990s, giving it fresh, edgy air. Flannel shirts are still popular now due to their comfort and effortlessly casual design.


6. Checkerboard

checkboard Check patterns

Shraddha Kapoor in Checkerboard print dress

Checkerboard refers to a black-and-white check pattern, such as that found on a checkerboard or the finishing line flag during a Formula One race. The design is made up of equally sized squares in two different colours that are alternately positioned.



Blog  by: Priya Grover

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