Bangs have been used as a quick cure for transformation after breakups, but believe us when we tell you that you don’t need a breakup to be motivated to look stylish. You may have played around with different types of bangs when you were much younger, but now is the time to commit and see the major effects it may have on your appearance (and we mean that in a good way).

But if not now, when? Getting bangs can need you to be adventurous and courageous enough to take the jump. It’s common to consider what can go wrong, but if done correctly, your first experiment might turn out to be the greatest you’ve done in a long time.

Types Of Bangs

TYPES OF BANGS 1. Sleek Front Bangs

TYPES OF BANGS 1 Sleek Front Bangs

Smooth Front Bangs Nothing and no one can stop you from trying this look if you have straight, volumized hair. These forehead-covering bangs give you an edgy appearance while skimming your brows. You may get a straightening brush as a quick morning cure for your bedhead hair to guarantee the strands are always smooth. P.S. If your hair is thick enough to retain enough primary body after the chop, go for it.


TYPES OF BANGS 2. Side Bangs


If straight-across fringes are not your style, side bangs offer a smooth, less-edgy alternative. Typically, the hair is trimmed to cheek length with the intention of flowing to one side of your face. It’s frequently suggested as a method to soften the face. What’s best? You may simply tuck side bangs behind your ear once they have grown out and carry on with your life. Who would refuse to commit to it, then?


TYPES OF BANGS 3. Curled Bangs

TYPES OF BANGS 3 Curled Bangs

Curls have a mind of their own, which is one of their best qualities. Whenever you wake up in the morning, you never know how your curls will coil and fall. This is what excites people about curled bangs. It complements the texture of your hair naturally to frame your face in an unpredictably beautiful way. When it comes to style, have a curl-defining cream on hand. Is a lazy day beckoning to you? You can finger-twist your hair without anyone noticing.


TYPES OF BANGS 4. Korean Bangs

TYPES OF BANGS 4 Korean Bangs

Try Korean bangs if thick bangs are too opaque for you. Consider it a break from the conventional thick bangs that your forehead tries valiantly to play peek-a-boo with but is unsuccessful at. Korean bangs are thin, transparent air tresses that fall halfway in between your brows and lashes. Your greatest option for losing years from your look is it.


TYPES OF BANGS 5. Fake Bangs


Go for false bangs if you want to initially dip your toes in the water before taking a complete dive. Hair extensions that have been trimmed into fringes of the desired length and pinned into your hair are known as faux bangs. We believe it’s the ideal way to decide on the final cut after seeing how various bang styles, from blunt to choppy, would look on your face. Think of it as a test drive.



6. Long Bangs


Not yet prepared to shed your long hair? You don’t have to continue in the denial stage, though; you can still get bangs without using your scissors excessively. Announcing long bangs. You will have face-framing items in this look that soften your overall appearance and extend all the way to your chin. This is especially ideal if you don’t want to appear tough or harsh.


7. Light Bangs

Even though they are hardly noticeable, these low-maintenance bangs produce a look that is easy and undone. Your greatest option for avoiding the complete bang is to maintain these gracefully sweeping fringes around your face. You can simply push your bangs to the side or the back, or you can lay them across your forehead if you know you won’t be wearing them every day.


8. Side-swept bangs

Uncertain of that chop? Allow side-swept bangs to enchant you without feeling guilty about abandoning your magnificent locks. Your bangs are brushed to flow to one side in this style, giving it a more feminine feel. They have a delicate appearance and require little upkeep. These bangs might be ideal for you if you’re trying to be conservative.


9. Blunt Bangs

The most direct of the bunch are blunt bangs. They totally cover your forehead, glide over your eyebrows, and give you an ultra-cool appearance. Yes, this style necessitates routine maintenance and trimming, but the end result is gorgeous, so why not? Psst! We’re going to say it straight out: choose this one if you want to see a noticeable change.


10. Layered Bangs

Choose layered bangs if you have the courage to make a genuinely audacious statement. It might completely change the shape of your face while giving your hair movement and tenderness. Less angulated facial structures benefit from this style because it adds definition and allows you to easily change up your appearance.


11. Choppy Bangs

I have some wonderful news for all the females out there that aren’t committed. If you don’t want a high-maintenance appearance, choppier bangs are the way to go. Choppy bangs have less obvious patterning because of their varying lengths, which is why we think this look is anything but blah. Oh, and they grow out quickly, so by the time you consider changing them, your bangs will have grown too far and need to be cut again.


12. Wispy Bangs

You’re in luck if you’re seeking a style that seems more natural and lets your forehead show through. Wispy bangs are perfect for women with thin hair since they are gentle and delicately feathered. Regular blow drying will help the strands stay in place and maintain these brow-grazing fringes.



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