Difference Between Promise Rings and Wedding Rings

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Promise rings and Wedding rings are a means to confess love and a symbol of life-long commitment exchanged between two individuals. Though it’s a piece of jewelry that could be worn on any finger, wearing one on a ring finger holds special significance for both men and women. When it comes to confessing romantic feelings for your lover, words are not enough.

Concrete evidence of your love can be presented with a promise ring and it can be sealed with a lifetime commitment of togetherness with a wedding ring. This explains why it’s every woman’s dream to possess the most beautiful ring as her wedding souvenir. So to help you make this dream come true, we have brought you some fascinating ideas for promise rings, engagement rings and wedding rings.

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Difference Between Promise Ring & Engagement Ring

When it comes to Promise Rings Vs. Engagement Rings, the distinction might be ambiguous for many. Promise rings, also known as pre-engagement rings, are presented as a token of commitment to a romantic relationship. It is presented before engagement and is a confession of love between lovers. Talking about engagement rings, are given as a way to propose to someone in a wedding ritual. It is an official confirmation between the two parties that they will promote their relationship from being lovers to being life partners.

Difference Between Promise Ring & Wedding Ring

The distinction between Promise Rings Vs. Wedding Rings is as clear as their names. Promise rings are offered as a way to confess one’s heartfelt feelings for someone out of love and commitment. Simply put, a love confession between lovers calls for a promise ring. On the other hand, wedding rings are exchanged between two individuals as an acknowledgment of a formal relationship recognized by society. If you are wearing a wedding ring, it means you are already someone’s legal spouse or life partner.

Amazing Promise & Wedding Ring Nominees

Given below is the list of the most phenomenal gemstone rings that stand tall as the nominees for promise rings and wedding rings for couples. We hope that you will be able to find your dream charm right here from one of these exquisite gemstone rings.

Amazing Promise & Wedding Ring Nominees
a man proposing to a woman with a promise ring

Emerald Rings

Regeneration and growth are the thoughts representing the lush green hues of emeralds, hence a perfect gift to take your relationship to another level. Curate the most brilliantly cut inclusion-free emerald promise ring for your lady love to make your affair a serious deal. Alternatively, an emerald engagement ring with diamonds will give off perfect royal vibes to lovers of classic and antique jewelry.

Ruby Rings

The envious deep red shades of genuine ruby rings are the reason why rubies are in trend as the ultimate love emblem. An authentic token of passion and romance, a ruby ring is the best way to propose to your partner when adorned as a promise ring or to make your love officially and publicly yours with a wedding ring. Take your sweet time to find your partner a ring with the most beautiful shade of ruby combined with the splendid brilliance of diamonds and wait for the magic to unveil.

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Diamond Rings

The classic symbol of eternal love and commitment, diamonds are a blessing to romantic souls because of the diamond’s unparalleled brilliance and beauty. Whether it is a solitaire or a halo setting, a cluster of diamonds, or the side stones, there is no way any other gemstone can overpower the eye-blinding sparkle of colorless diamonds. You don’t have to think twice if you are choosing a diamond for a promise ring or a wedding ring, because either way, a diamond is bound to attract attention.

Sapphire Rings

They are getting more and more popular because of their affordability over diamond rings. On top of that, a wide spectrum of natural shades of Sapphire wedding rings makes the choice more meaningful and authentic for couples. Thanks to the vast range of colorful sapphires, couples looking for a breathtaking precious colorful gemstone don’t have to compromise with a semi-precious stone.

Trilogy Engagement Rings

Why only focus on promise rings and wedding rings when an engagement is going to take place right in the middle of both? Don’t worry, we have a marvelous candidate for the position, let’s welcome the trilogy or three-stone engagement rings in the arena. These heavily embellished rings are symbolic of a couple’s past, present, and future. In short, these rings are representative of how your entire life is now going to intertwine with that of your partner.

Trilogy Engagement Rings
bride and groom exchanging wedding rings at a wedding ceremony

End Note

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