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The demand for this clothing goes beyond fashion as it is also worn by professional teachers in public schools in the Philippines. The designer of the uniform is highly skilled. The DepEd uniform has designated days for specific colors to be worn. Wearing this uniform is a great honor for professional teachers as it presents a clean, stylish, and professional appearance. In this article we will look at teacher uniforms from the Philippines.

See photo Below and Other information about Said Fashion teacher uniforms.

teacher uniforms 768665

The Department of Education (DepEd) has recently unveiled new uniform designs for teaching and non-teaching personnel. Starting this school year, four new sets of DepEd national uniforms for teachers and two new national uniform designs for non-teaching staff will be introduced during the transition phase.

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DepEd Uniform Schedule

Monday Uniform DepEd- Design A

This is the Monday uniform for teaching staff. The olive green shirt and charcoal gray pants are appropriate for females. While the Moss-colored polo and Charcoal-gray pants are available for men.

Tuesday Uniform DepEd- Design B

Design B, which includes a Light Clay blouse and Midnight Blue bottoms for women and a Crystal Teal polo and Midnight Blue bottoms for men, is the Tuesday uniform for Deped Teaching Personnel.

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Refer to the photo below.

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Tuesday Uniform DepEd- Design B

DepEd Uniform Wednesday- Design C

Teaching staff are required to dress in a light gray pattern top and charcoal gray slacks on Wednesday, and in a light brown polo and charcoal gray pants for men.

DepEd Uniform Wednesday- Design D

The female teaching staff uniform for Thursday is a light blue shirt and midnight blue slacks. Male teaching staff are wearing a light blue polo and midnight blue slacks.

Please see the images below.

teacher uniforms Wednesday
DepEd Uniform Wednesday- Design D

Non Teaching Personnel Uniform Schedule

teacher uniforms ThursdayNon Teaching Personnel Uniform Schedule

DepEd Memorandum No 16 s 2021

16th DepEd Memorandum for 2021

The SY 2021-2022 shall be regarded as a “transition period” in accordance with Deped Memorandum No.016 s 2021 (Guidelines on the New Deped National Uniform for Teaching and Non-Teaching Personnel), to give staff members enough time to prepare for and acquire a new set of required uniforms. Employees are still permitted to use their old uniforms throughout the upcoming SY 2021–2022, to help with the changeover. However, beginning with SY 2022–2023, all teaching and non-teaching staff must don the new set of uniforms that are required

Image Credit DEPED

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