Decora The Japanese Fashion

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The term “decora” is a translation of the Japanese word for decoration. The term alludes to the distinctive usage of numerous ornaments and accessories in the style.

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Decora (デコラ) is a Japanese aesthetic and fashion that emphasizes an excessive number of accessories, with plastic hair ornaments and bracelets serving as the main focal points.

Originating in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the Decora style quickly gained appeal both inside and outside of Japan. Singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, who became well-known in the Harajuku fashion scene before making her musical debut, is a prime example.

Is Harajuku and Decora the same?

The worldwide face of Harajuku trends is Decora, a well-known Japanese fashion trend. The fashion is distinguished by its vivid hues and extensive accessory selection.

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Despite having peaked in the middle of the 2000s, fashion is still well-liked and well-known in Harajuku.

Black Decora

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Black Decora, also known as Kuro Decora, is almost aesthetically identical to Decora but lacks vibrant hues. Black Decora frequently uses the skull and gothic designs in their accessories.

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Pink Decora

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Pink As the name implies, Decora is a kind of Decora that mostly utilizes pink. Although very little amounts of other colors are permitted, the predominant hue is always pink.



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Hadeko is a sister fashion of Decora that emphasizes vivid rainbow hues. The clothes are often loose and androgynous with various forms of tie-dye.

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