Custom Yeezy Slides

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Adidas Custom Yeezy Slides are an extra breezy footwear option for the warmer months of the year. Sporting a clean appearance, the Yeezy Slide features a lightweight EVA foam construction for superior durability while remaining comfortable for all-day use.

Custom Yeezy Slides 1

Why are Custom Yeezy Slides hard to get?

Well, the Slides are limited in supply and in very high demand. Therefore, when stocks are released into the market, people scramble for them. Also, the retail price they go for is a little bit lower thus cheaper and more affordable for the majority as compared to other slides. They normally range between USD 55 to USD 90.

Custom Yeezy Slides

Are Yeezy Slides comfortable?

These Slides have an incredible EVA foam construction that makes it feel as if you’re stepping on a pillow hence, highly comfortable. Also, they look awesome on the feet. This particular color, dubbed cream, just pops and it’s without a doubt my favorite of all the Yeezy Slides that have dropped so far.

Custom Yeezy Slides

Where can I buy Yeezy Slides when they drop?

There are numerous fashion sites online from which you may order custom Yeezy Slides from. But the best ones are the and the Yeezy supply. You may as well get a pair or two at selected outlets in your town center. You will definitely love them, I assure you.

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