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Custom belts are widely used almost in all four corners of the world today. This is according to recent research done in the year 2020. And belts have more benefits to them than their demerits. One of the benefits is that they hold the trouser in place thus making it comfortable for you to move easily. Also, they spice up the look. With a nice fitting belt on, one looks extremely gorgeous and smart. In this blog, however, I’ll look into some of the questions people out here have about custom belts.

Custom belts

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What material is used on custom belts?

All belts, in general, are made out of textile materials. Materials such as cotton, polyamides such as polyester for greatest strength, or steel such as kevlar and technora. When an endless belt fails to fit the need, jointed and linked V-belts may be employed.

How do you measure for custom belts?

This involves a simple and clear process. First of, you measure from the buckle all the way to the hole where you wear your belt. Note, do not measure all the way to the end of the belt strap! The measurement between the buckle and the hole you comfortably wear your belt in is the measurement that your belt maker needs.

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How many types of belts are there?

Well, according to the basic knowledge I have on belts, I would say that there are only 3 types of belts. They are: flat belts, V belts, and circular belts respectively. There could be other belt types out there so, the above are just according to my onw knowledge.

What size belt do you generally need?

The usual method of measuring a man’s belt size is by taking their pant size and adding 2 inches. For instance, if your pant size is 36 then a 38 would be your belt size. You can as well use a tape measure for more accurate measurements.

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How exactly should a belt fit?

One thing you need to clear note is that the belt is sized correctly when you can wear the pin of the buckle through the middle hole. Good quality belts usually have 5 holes in total. You should then be able to wear the pin in the third hole. With these calculations perfect in place, the belt’s tail size will then be automatically in the right proportion.

This blog has been written by your one and only, EDWIN WAMAE.

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