CTMS Routine – for healthy and bright skin

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The summer session is back with most of the heat in the weather. And we know how much we have to take care of our skin in this weather. In summer our skin faces most of the heat and because of the heat our skin is getting tanned. We get pimples on our skin and open pores, and our faces look dull. And we have to deal with these problems by taking care of our skin. Everyone should have a skincare routine and CTMS one of them.

So today we talk about CTMS. What is CTMS How can we do it on our skin and how many times a day it can be done?

The first step of CTMS is C which stands for Cleansing.

1) Cleansing


cleansing 2

There are two ways to clean your skin first with face wash and second with cleanser. It completely depends on you what you prefer for cleansing face wash or cleanser. In the market, there are so many cleansers available if you want you can buy from the market, or if you want you can use home remedies for cleansing and make any natural cleanser at home with the help of natural ingredients.

Home remedies for cleansers are – Milk,  Curd, and Aloe vera gel, After face wash you can use them as a cleanser.

The second step is T which stands for Toning.

2) Toning

CTMS routine: toning
CTMS routine: toning 2

Toning is the step after washing the face. After facewash our face becomes dirt free and the pores are opened up, the toner works on the pores to clean them and reduce them. As well as toner hydrates our skin and makes it oil free. If you want you can buy any toner from the market or you can use rose water as a toner.


And you can also choose toner according to your skin type.

For example – if you have oily skin you can use green – tea toner it is best for oily skin or rose water. And if you have dry skin you can use Aloe vera gel or cucumber toner which is available in the market.

The third step is M which stands for Moisturizer

3) Moisturizer



CTMS routine: moisturizer


Moisturizer is a very basic step. Whether we apply makeup or did a skincare routine. Moisturizer is always on the list After washing your face and applying toner we have to moisturize our skin. When we wash our skin or clean it the moisture is gone and our skin becomes dry so we have to moisturize our skin. After facewash and toning, we apply moisturizer to give some moisture to our skin.

The fourth step is S which stands for Sunscreen.

4) Sunscreen


CTMS routine: sunscreen
CTMS routine: sunscreen 2

In this session, we have to protect our skin from the heat. And sunscreen is the first thing that comes to our mind in summer because sunscreen is the shield from UV rays (the SPF protects our skin from UV rays), prevents tanning and sunburn, and also helps in premature aging.

But remember dont use sunscreen at night the SPF in sunscreen is a large molecule. If you apply it at night it creates large pores.

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CTMS is for every skin type, it is not necessary that it is only for one skin type, it does not matter whether your skin is oily, dry, or a combination.

Everyone applies it to their skin and can follow this routine daily because the work of CTMS is to clean the skin and protect it, which every skin needs.

You can do this two times a day one in the morning and the second in the night but remember sunscreen should not be applied at night, only CTM should be done at night, avoid sunscreen at night.

Pavitra Karnwal 

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