Crash Landing On You: Top 5 Fashion and Style

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If I’m not mistaken Crash Landing On You was released 3 years ago and here I am still admiring Yun Se-ri’s fashion and style which is a must-try!

Look#1 Paragliding Lavender Suit


It may be a simple lavender plain suit but admit it, it’s perfect for an Instagram post! Notice the details of the pocket and the lining in the middle of the suit which gives the suit a different taste of style. This lavender suit is not just for paragliding but you can wear it for fashion or a photoshoot as well. A good pair of boots or high-edge shoes is a must for extra glam.

Look #2 Denim On Oversized Coat


An oversized blazer is never out of style even in the modern fashion world. You can turn an oversized blazer into many different styles and surely you will look great. Se-ri’s style on this one gives a casual vibe of style with a pair of denim jeans and a blue striped polo shirt that gives a highlight to the oversized blazer. If you want to look comfy and fresh, a loafer is perfect for this look.

Look #3 Black Skirt On White Ruffled Blazer


Chic On Chic? Yun Se-ri got you with this look! A white ruffled blazer can turn into a dress but a black mini skirt adds a chic style that everyone is crazy about. To match the whole outfit, choose a black handbag and black stilettos or you can pick a white one depending on your choice.

Look #4 Casual Floral Orange Dress


A casual dress is every lady’s number choice on a lazy day or when there are formal gatherings. It is easy to pair with any bags and shoes as well as jewelry. As for Se-ri, she gives that idea to us wearing a casual dress on a sunny day.

Look #5 Oversized Polo Shirt On Short


This style may not be new to all of us but admit it, this is the comfiest outfit every girl would want to wear. This look can turn out as loungewear, a quick grocery run outfit, a lazy day outfit, or whatever style you have in mind with this look.

Simple top 5 fashion and style from Crash Landing On You series that can be your everyday outfit idea. What do you have in mind? Comment down below and let’s exchange thoughts.

Photo credit to the owners. Thank you ❤

By Belle Willow

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