Coral Gemstone

Coral gemstone is one of the gemstones of paradise. It is one of the oldest ornament gemstones. Research suggests that coral jewelry has been found in ancient Egyptian and prehistoric European burials. Similarly, Romans were also fond of wearing this adorable red color gemstone. However, the popularity of the coral reached its peak during the Victorian Age. From its peak age till today coral has been the first choice jewelry stone for many high caliber women. In this blog article, I am going to share some secret and interesting information about this gemstone of the Garden of Eden. Therefore, if you want to know all about coral gemstone and its trend in fashion jewelry, do read this article till the end. Let’s now find some interesting facts about this amazing and lovely jewelry stone. Coral Gemstone

Precious Coral As a Gemstone

Like pearls, corals are also found in marine water. Similarly, corals are of different colors including red corals, pink corals, green corals, golden corals, and white corals. However, most corals are found in red form. Red corals grow in skeleton form and on rocky sea-bottom with low sedimentation, mostly in the Mediterranean Sea. The hard skeleton of red coral branches is naturally matte. It is polished to a glossy shine so that it may be used for jewelry purposes. 

Coral Gemstone

Does Coral Have Any Positive Impacts on Skin Beauty?

Research suggests that coral has some sensational positive impacts on the skin and its beauty. Coral gemstone is highly effective against skin acne, boils, and all kinds of other skin-related problems. Similarly, many women believe that coral purifies the blood hence it naturally gives a glowing look to their skin. Additionally, some women believe that coral makes your skin color pink-red or red-hot naturally. This is why coral jewelry women always look attractive, sexy, and gorgeous.

Coral Gemstone

Logic Behind Wearing Coral Gemstone 

According to research, there are various benefits of wearing coral gemstones. For instance, many people believe that coral helps them to reduce nervousness and fear. Similarly, it is believed that this lovely-looking gemstone increases self-confidence and courage. Additionally, this red and rosy-looking stone improves self-esteem, dignity, and honor among its wearers.


Coral Gemstone 

What Does Coral Gemstone Symbolize? 

Coral is an ideal gemstone for a new beginning. Lovers like to gift red coral gemstone rings to each other as it symbolizes pure love like red blood. On the other hand, gifting someone a coral ring means you make a promise that you will remain loyal, affectionate, and dedicated to your loved one. Similarly, coral symbolizes power, leadership, energy, success, courage, sacrifice, and unconditional love.  Coral Gemstone

Where The High-Quality Coral Gemstone Is Found?

As I have already mentioned that coral is found in marine water. It is mainly found in coral islands of the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, and the Hawaiian Islands. However, the best quality coral gemstone is found in Taiwan, Italy, and Tunisia. Japan also produces high-quality coral gemstone, however, it is very rare as compared to Italy. Similarly, red color coral but in a triangular shape is considered the most expansive one. On average 1 gram of coral costs around $1000 to $1200. 

Coral Gemstone

Coral is indeed one of the oldest pieces of jewelry worn by queens, kings, princes, and princesses. It is still considered one of the best jewelry gemstones to wear particularly during marriages, engagements, and other special events. Similarly, politicians, business personalities, actors, actresses, and high-quality models often wear this very attractive stone. On an ending note, if you are a true lover of jewelry then you must try this amazing stone from the Garden of Eden. 

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