Coral Beads: Beauty, Tradition, and Symbolism in Nigeria

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Today we are going to talk about BEAD.

          What is a bead?

According to Wikipedia, it says that a bead is a small decorative object, that is formed in a variety of shapes and sizes of materials such as stone, glass, plastics, wood, bones, or pearls and with small holes for stringing and Threading.

coral beads

There are so many types and different varieties of beads all over the world. But today we are going to talk about CORAL BEAD.

              CORAL BEADS

Coral beads are unique and beautiful and can be found in Nigeria, especially in the southern and eastern parts of Nigeria.

coral beads

coral beads 1

coral beads 3

The coral beads are quite unique and also a true beauty as their organic gemstone represents beauty, good luck, and fortune. It is also worn on special occasions. People also believe that it helps to strengthen the circulatory system, bones and stimulates tissue regeneration, and nourishes the blood cells.

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coral beads 5

It is handcrafted and also organic. Also, beads are worn on the neck as a necklace,  ear as an ear, also on the legs, and head including the waist.

coral beads 7

Coral beads are quite expensive and they are also worn on rare and special occasions.

Coral beads signify royalty and wealth in Nigeria. In the olden days, they were worn by kings and their queens and members of the royal family. Including chiefs and wealthy people who can afford them.

coral beads 10

coral beads 11

coral beads 12


Today, coral are widely used by people as jewelry, ornaments, and costumes for their weddings especially traditional weddings in Nigeria.

coral beads 14

coral beads 15

coral beads 16

These are beautifully dressed brides on their traditional wedding day adorned with coral beads.

It also comes in different colors

Red: the most valuable, and the most desired


Pink: It is the most sought-after, rare, and quite expensive

Black: Although there are no black beads the black beads are gotten after harvesting and polishing the red beads giving it a smooth intense black surface.

Other colors are obtained by dyeing the red or pink coral beads.

coral beads 17

coral beads 18


Coral beads come in a variety of colors, with the majority being red, pink, and black colors. Different occasions demand the type of beads and color you want. The ones worn by kings, queens, and chiefs are different from the ones used during traditional weddings. If you just want beads, it is advisable to go for orange, red, pink, and white. As it is preferable and widely used. But black and blue colors are rare to find.

     How to take care of coral beads

1. Like some jewelry, coral is soft and should be treated with extra care.

2. Keep it separate from your other jewelry to avoid scratches.

You've found the one, now I find the dress.

3. Do not expose or stay in the sunlight for too long to avoid fading.

4. Never soak in water or any other sub-stance

5. Put them on after you have applied your skincare for the day, as the chemical substance in the cosmetics can damage the coral.

6. Use a soft cloth dense with a little soapy water to clean once in a while.

Coral beads can also be worn by children

coral beads 20

This is my little princess at their cultural day celebration at her school months ago.

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Photo credits: Bellanaija weddings, Pinterest, and loveweddings

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