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Underwear from the 19th century gave rise to the modern T-shirt. The one-piece Union’s suit underpants was first divided between a top and bottom piece with the top being long enough to fit under the bottoms’ waistband. They were used by miners or stevedores as a practical covering for warm settings in the late 19th century, both with and without buttons.

 Bold Back Prints

With striking back prints this year, let’s claim the Backside of our merchandise! This fashion utilizes the large area that is frequently unused on the rear of clothing. Feel free to make the artwork as large as you like on the back because you don’t have any concerns about it overwhelming the front of the garment.

Think large—huge language, big images, and bold—bold colors, bold sentences. The way we generally think about clothing is challenged by these designs. The people in the space between you and the people behind you are invited to experience or enjoy your apparel by placing a little pattern on the front or a larger design on the rear.


Book-Based Designs

This style is for all you readers out there! Rock book-based patterns to show off your passion of reading to others. These shirt designs are prepared to curl up with a good novel whenever you are, whether you’re wearing a hoodie that supports your neighborhood library or a t-shirt that represents your new favorite bookstore.

We are blown away by how comfy these patterns are, both in terms of appearance and texture. Which book is your favorite? Where do you usually read? Or a book category that you’d want to see additional of? Any of these ideas can be used in your original book-based design!

T-shirts are regularly worn as the only article of clothing on the upper half of the human body, barring potentially a brassiere as well as rarely, an overcoat (vest), despite its historical use as undershirts. T-shirts have evolved into a vehicle for both advertising and self-expression, featuring every conceivable arrangement of text, graphics, and images.[11]

Normally, a T-shirt reaches the waist. There are several T-shirt variations, including the V-neck. Tall T-shirts are required for hip-hop fashion, and they may reach the knees. The T-shirt dress, sometimes known as a “T-dress,” is a dress-length T-shirt that can be worn alone.[12] Women occasionally use long T-shirts as nightgowns. Women’s apparel with tight-fitting, cropped T-shirts was popular in the 1990s.

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