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Cool haircuts mean a lot to us, men. So, as a Barber, you have no option but to shave it right. Exactly how the client wants it done. In the year 2022, the majority of the men have embraced three haircuts which are the Ceasar haircut, drop fade, and the loose undercut. The reason why is simple. These haircuts are simple, cool, and look great on people. In my fashion blog today, I will dive deep into the whatnots of these haircuts for you to get more information about them- so that you get a clear glimpse of everything that entails these haircuts.

Caesar Haircuts
Caesar Haircut

The Caesar Haircut

It’s a low profile, short men’s cut with a fringe. A very versatile haircut. Who’s it best for? It perfectly suits men with straight, wavy, or even curly hair. It’s also a perfect fit for young boys. Especially those who take part in sports and other high-energy activities such as basketball and American football.

How to ask for a Ceasar Haircut!

If you’re looking towards the classic Ceasar Cut then typically you want around 0.5-2 inches of scissor cut all over with a Ceasar fringe. Ensure you give your Barber a lot of freedom to give you a variation that suits your face shape and hairline.

Drop fade haircuts
Drop fade

Usually, when a Barber does a drop fade, they make a straight line all the way around and fade up from there. This is typical of all fades. For drop fades, however, the fade actually drops as it passes behind the ear.

Do fades look good on everyone?


If the color of your scalp contrasts a lot with the color of your face and neck, some fades may not look good on you. High and low fades look best on people with a consistent skin tone.

Loose undercut

Are undercuts still cool in 2022? Yes, undercuts are definitely still cool this year. They are edgy, bad boy styles, and a great way to get thick hair under control. Plus, they look great with both long and short hair. Offer a range of styling options.

How long does it take for a loose undercut to grow out?

If you have really short hair and an undercut is your subtle design, then it should take a few months for the hair to grow out. However, for individuals with long hair, it would take several years for the hair to grow out.


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