Conversation With Samina Khan, Founder of The Indian Couture

Samina Khan the indian Couture
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Samina Khan, the founder of The Indian Couture, derives her design inspirations from a harmonious blend of diverse color palettes, captivating fabric interplays, and the exquisite textures that envelop her surroundings. Her enthusiasm for the artistry embedded in traditional Indian craftsmanship and her adeptness in utilizing needlework as a medium for her artistic expressions resonated deeply within her. She has shared her journey with us and many more. 

When did you start your journey with Indian Couture?

Our journey didn’t commence with Indian Couture; instead, it evolved from elegance as we embarked on a transition, aiming to showcase our creations to the entire nation through online platforms.

Could you share with us how your early enchantment with nature and your fascination with Indian crafts have informed and influenced the unique design philosophy that is now integral to ‘The Indian Couture’?

My early fondness for nature and intrigue with Indian crafts shapes the essence of ‘The Indian Couture’s’ design philosophy. This is reflected in the pervasive integration of nature-inspired designs and motifs throughout. These influences form a distinctive fusion of natural beauty and traditional artisanship and our brand’s identity.

How do these inspirations manifest in the brand’s collections and contribute to its timeless appeal?

These inspirations materialize in collections that embody timelessness, as nature itself is timeless.

Could you elaborate on the specific traditional crafts that your designs incorporate, and how you ensure their authenticity and quality in a mass production-oriented market?

We incorporate traditional crafts like zardozi, and appliqué, and go to work. Authenticity and quality are preserved by avoiding mass production – all pieces are limited stock.

How do your designs manage to capture and mirror the essence of India’s rich cultural diversity while catering to a modern and global audience?

Our designs fuse modern silhouettes with traditional motifs and blend traditional silhouettes with geometric and abstract designs, reflecting India’s cultural diversity for a global audience.

Could you elaborate on how your surroundings and cultural heritage from Rampur have shaped your understanding of these crafts?

Rampur, home to Nawabs and royalty, has a profound influence on shaping traditional clothing. For instance, the art of zardozi and the elegance of the Farshi gharara silhouette have been nurtured in this historical city.

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In what ways do you ensure that your designs not only showcase the beauty of these techniques but also contribute to their preservation and evolution in a contemporary fashion landscape?

These techniques have been transmitted through generations of artisans, now employed at The Indian Couture. While preserving their essence, we have seamlessly integrated them into modern silhouettes, ensuring their relevance and evolution.

Additionally, could you share insights into how you identify and collaborate with the expert artisans who bring these intricate needlework techniques to life, ensuring that your designs uphold the highest standards of quality and authenticity?

Artisans acquire their craft from their elders, and those eager to learn to join experienced craftsmen for practical training. Maintaining quality and authenticity involves close supervision of their work, with corrections made if any deviations from the expected standard are identified.

How does this commitment to uniqueness align with your brand’s vision and contribute to fostering a deeper appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship involved in Indian traditional wear?

Not willing to be a part of the ‘fast fashion’ concept that is popular in today’s times as they are made entirely by hand. “Quality over quantity” is the motto adhered to by The Indian Couture, which sets itself apart from brands scrambling to embrace fast fashion, causing artisans to fade into oblivion.

Could you share your insights into the challenges and intricacies of mastering this rare technique and how it resonates with the modern clientele who seek both heritage and innovation?

Appliqué work demands substantial time per piece. Modern clients aspire to blend heritage with distinction and the intricate appliqué technique aligns perfectly with their preferences.

Additionally, could you elaborate on the diverse styles in which the Applique technique can be executed and how it contributes to the brand’s commitment to offering a diverse range of exclusive designs?

Appliqué work is executed in diverse styles. One method involves folding fabric like flowers or leaves (known as “phool patti”), while another technique cuts fabric into motifs, which are then sewn onto the base. This versatility aligns seamlessly with our commitment to providing an exclusive range of designs.

Could you elaborate on the inspiration and thought process behind these distinct collections?

Referred to as “phool patti” work, this art draws inspiration from nature, reflecting its essence in our distinct collections.

How do you ensure that each collection not only represents a different aesthetic but also captures the core values and artistic intricacies that define Indian Couture?

Our collections are tailored for diverse occasions, each one featuring an escalation in both effort and intricacy. Amid this range, we uphold unwavering quality, irrespective of the event.


Could you share how they collectively contribute to telling a comprehensive story of traditional Indian wear while catering to a diverse clientele?

As we move from Bahaar to Nayaab, each collection represents a progression of increasing intricacy. Together, they beautifully weave a narrative of our devotion to traditional zardozi and appliqué art forms. These pieces span a spectrum from vibrant to subtle, from delicate to grand, catering to the diverse preferences of our clientele.

Talk with us About your Vision and Mission.

Our core mission is reviving handcrafted traditional wear, uniting skilled artisans with enthusiasts seeking authenticity. We have a long-term vision to revive traditional art forms while widening their reach to consumers and raising consciousness in purchasing habits. 

Your Inspirational quote?

“Quality is not an act; it is a habit.”-Aristotle.

By Soumyajit Dutta – Our Fashion Passion

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