Conversation with Neha Patil, Fashion, Lifestyle blogger

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Neha Patil is one of the most talented bloggers; she talks about her journey as a blogger and also has faced many challenges, she always believed that “life is either a great adventure or nothing.”

Talk with us about yourself.

I am Neha Patil. A fashion designer by profession, and a full-time lifestyle and travel blogger by choice. I love to travel and experience real life. I love creating unique content and documenting my experience while travelling and also about daily life topics.

When did your blogging journey start?

I started blogging in 2019, and blogging had never been a career option for me. It began as a hobby, and I loved sharing my fashion and travel journeys, as well as my love for food. I started blogging when I was studying fashion design, and I started styling my own designs. and never thought it could be a chosen profession. I was very passionate about learning new things about the platform and exploring News things which I will explore more I will get more ideas and can achieve more and reach higher

What are the challenges you have faced to be This Far?

Neha Patil

Pc Neha Patil


The ways of creating content and the lessons I have learnt I committed mistakes I learn from them I never raised numbers even today Where brand brands look for eye-catching numbers my clients return to me for my work and my professionalism I feel proud of myself!! Right from blogging to lifestyle content creation I love sharing my journey and my experiences and luckily it was much appreciated by my audience so instead of holding back I stood to raise ahead life gives me so many reasons to stop but I choose not to honestly I have never thought of the monetary benefits of influencer marketing yes it is a perk and there is no harm charging for one’s hard work there are lot of lessons I have learnt since day. I am one stepping into the blogging world and learning until today as I write this I strive to keep on learning and keep on progressing for better growth and my loving supporting audience.

What fashion means to you-

Fashion, in my opinion, is a method to communicate your emotions and identity by how you present yourself or how you dress. It is important to feel comfortable with the clothing you choose. “Fashion is not something that exists in garments alone,” stated Coco Chanel. Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening, and what is in the sky and on the street. This implies, in my opinion, that fashion is not just the clothes themselves but rather everything and anything that influences the creation of the clothes. Fashion is a painting with a million distinct colour combinations, not black or white, and it represents so many different things to various individuals.

Favourite fashion destination

Well, my fav definition of fashion will be always India because I love Indian Traditional Clothes. Because India, the amazing land of diversity, is an embodiment of beautiful traditional styles. Here, each region has its own separate identity, and dresses play an important role here.

Your Inspirational Quote for the day?

Life Is either a great adventure or nothing!!!

By Soumyajit

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