Selecting perfumes is like buying the perfect pair of shoes and bag match-up…..This is a tricky task because it must fit perfectly…And you will not buy a pair of shoes without first fitting them, so you shouldn’t buy perfume without trying them first. when perfume shopping remember the blend of different oils and some ingredients in a single scent will smell different on cardboard tester and on your skin. Spray some on the inside of your wrists and wait to react to your skin. Some fragrances take long to react. So give it some time before buying your signature scent.

If thinking of giving perfume as a gift, just keep in mind the receiver’s personality and style. Here’s how to choose the best scent for you…





What They Are: These sweet scents are a popular and trendy choice as they are bright, uplifting, and said to reduce anxiety. Fresh fruity scents are usually lighter than the other kinds of fragrances and are often made into cologne or eau de toilette, which are watered down formulations…….Peculiar Mark: Mandarin, Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Bergamot, and Pomegranate……..Personality Match: Best for energetic, fun-loving, eternally youthful types who are put off by the heady rush.






What They Are: Fresh and stimulating probably the most modern scent. Reminds you of crispy cut grass, a breezy afternoon in a lush field, or a cup of herbal tea enjoyed at downtime. Green scents are clean and sporty but are also refined enough to wear to an elegant evening occasion……..Peculiar Mark: Green tea, bamboo, sage, rosemary, and other green herbs……..Personality Match: For the energetic, sporty yet serene woman, green lovers, love the rush of both physical and mental stimulation, but at the same time conceal a calm serenity within.





What They Are: The oldest existing scents, jasmine, rose, and lavender is the choicest ingredients. Floral scents are the most abundant. They are often composed or mixed bouquets of different flowers and range from feminine, powdery to more lavish, exotic smells…….Peculiar Mark: Rose, orchid, jasmine, freesia, sweet pea, lilac, lily, hyacinth, lavender, orange blossom………Personality Match: Flowers have always been symbolic of romance, so if you’re sweet, romantic, dreamy type hoping to capture Mr. Right with your choice scent, then floral fragrance is for you.





What They Are: Scents that are sweet and earthly, combining the nutty and spicy smells of nature with sensual marks of dry, soft, and hardwood. If you’ve experienced a cool, autumn season abroad, then this is what these scents probably smell like……..Peculiar Mark: Sandalwood, cedar, vetiver, oakwood, fern, patchouli………Personality Match: Those with free-spirited adventurous outdoorsy type. Women that can’t wait to be outside and think trees are descendants will love scents from this category.





What They Are: Rich and royal, oriental fragrances are wrapped with warm, spicy marks such as vanilla, cinnamon, and clove. Said to be the Aphrodisiacs of the fragrance world, these tropical exotic scents intoxicate even just a single sniff…....Peculiar Mark: Vanilla, amber, cinnamon, musk, cardamon……….Personality Match: Made especially for the sexy, sophisticated seductive woman.


IN CONCLUSION: You’re the best judge, scents are classified into different categories according to the blend of ingredients each bottle contains.

By: Bing Cortez

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