Colours Clash Like A Boss

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colours clash like a boss

Did you know that brighter colours actually make you happier? That they do boost your self-esteem and wellbeing? Well, here’s the good news. Brighter colours really do boost one’s self-esteem and wellbeing. Consequently, lighting up someone’s mood makes him or her happy.

Colour, as researchers say, has psychological effects. And, by looking at certain colours, neurological responses are triggered in our brains. In return, the hypothalamus releases hormones depending on the colour we are looking at.

colours clash 2

Warm bright colours, for instance, pink, lead to the release of dopamine. This is a feel-good hormone – which heightens attention span, also improves mood, and even boosts one’s sex drive. A pink shirt, grey pants, and brown accessories such as a leather belt, watch, and loafers or brogue shoes would be the perfect colour clash with pink in it, for men.

colours clash 3

Green and red is another combination which works superbly well together if only used in small doses. This is a look which helps balance one’s complexion by toning down their flamboyance. I highly recommend it, especially for light-skinned individuals. Brings them out real good, I must confess.

colours clash 4

Cool blues, on the other hand, make you feel calm and at the same time, rock hard. And how is this so? They have been linked with stimulating the release of oxytocin – a make-you-feel-calm hormone. And, one colour which would clash perfectly with cool blues is non-other than, black. Blue, in short, accentuates the confidence in an individual. And curves, in women that is.


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