Color Blocking in Fashion 2022

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We have seen fashion styles such as floral prints and animal prints when it comes to design. Another one that is a good alternative to the former trends would be color blocking.

So what is Color Blocking?

It is defined as mixing and using bold and bright colors in clothing to instill a statement and to make one’s wardrobe look more interesting. It is wearing two or more solid colors which differentiate the trend from other styles. It has made its way into the fashion scene and has also become an influence in other forms of art.

If you think that this is quite hard to pull off since huge blocks of colors are being worn then fret not. The following tips will help and guide you through color blocking with ease.


Go Monochromatic. This is the easiest one to create as we are using a single color in varying shades.

monochrome color blocking

Complimentary Colors

An elevated way would be complementary colors. These are colors that are opposite each other in the color wheel such as yellow and violet. This trick will grab anyone’s attention in the right way. Choosing items in the same fabric so they won’t clash is another good tip.

complimentary color blocking

Analogous Colors

Level up your style through analogous colors. This means using two or three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. A good example would be blue and green. Or how about orange, yellow and green?

Color Schemes

Take note of schemes. Select colors based on whether they belong to the warm or cool family. Warm would be the reds, oranges, and yellows while cool would be the blues, violets, and greens.

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color schemes color blocking

Pastels Color Blocking

Use pastel hues. Opt to go on the softer side using muted colors if daring is not in your vocabulary yet.

pastels color blocking

With Neutrals

Make use of a neutral shade. Go for a bold color combination but do partner it with a neutral such as this trench coat in brown.

color blocking 1

Gut Feel

Color Sense. Go with your gut feel and do what your heart and eyes tell you. If you feel good then it definitely looks good.

gut feel color blocking

Colors certainly brighten up our day. Mixing and matching appropriately, color blocking is surely going to stay in fashion.

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