Some Clothes You MUST Have When Creating An Outfit

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When dressing up, sometimes it is hard to find an outfit that actually go together. Clothes that won’t make you look like a fashion forward athlete at the end of the day. And as the world moves forward, new trends are born everyday, and old ones become less cool and out of style.

Though some trends remain neutral while some die out completely, it is safe to say everyone wants to be with the moving team. An in-depth analysis of trending fashion trends shows that certain clothes are required when looking fashionable but fear not, these clothes are not expensive or completely out of your budget. Research shows that these clothes are our everyday clothes worn to look good and can be styled to look better. Below are some of these clothes and how they can be styled.

1. Tees:

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The tee Shirts (could be plain or graphic): This is one of the classics. Tee shirts are simple but give you an aura of comfort and friendliness. It makes you look approachable. From being worn with simple pants to undershirts in flannel button ups and being worn on hoodies to give you streetwear.

Tees make you look like you didn’t have to put much effort into your outfit, like I said earlier simple but yet elegant. It can be worn as a single or layered with leatherman jackets, leather jackets, button-ups, etc

Some ways tees can be styled are:

Over hoodies

Over hoodies

Over hoodies 2

2. Layered


3. As it is

As it is

2. Sweater vests

Sweater vests

Sweater vests 2

Sweater vests 3

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The next must have item is sweater vests. These particular brand of clothes has always been portrayed as unattractive in tv shows, worn by characters set to come across as nerdy and dorky but with the emergence of Gen-Z, these sweater has been rebranded and has actually taken over the young adults’ fashion world with a surprising speed. From being worn on casual outfits to streetwear, these vests can go with almost everything and fits into almost every event.

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3. Corduroy pants:

Corduroy pants 1

Corduroy pants 2

Corduroy pants 3

Corduroy pants 4

Corduroy pants are also a must have. This thick-colored cotton fabric comes in a lot of colors and styling is actually easy and exciting. They are a must have if you’re going for style AND comfort. They can also be color coded and are basically awesome.

4. Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts 1

Sweatshirts 2

Sweatshirts 3

Sweatshirts 4

Sweatshirts 5

When talking about sweatshirts, I’m talking about baggy sweatshirts. Those shirts are a little too big but just right, giving you a clean and cozy aesthetic. Lately, sweatshirts are becoming styled into our everyday life more and more and it’s becoming better and upgraded every single time. So yes, sweatshirts are a must have.

5. Baggy pants

These never go out of fashion. Even if they do, their comebacks are always epic and with every passing generation, the become better and better. These pants go with everything and I mean EVERYTHING!! You can never go wrong when it comes to baggy pants. These pants are so cool they create their own aesthetic. They fit every category; classic, stylish, vintage, comfortable and so much more.

6. Crop Tops

 Though the world is still adjusting to the idea of Crop tops for all genders, these clothes are still trending and making every one look good. From being layered to wearing it alone, crop tops promote body positivity, feminism, and even masculinity. These are a must have for the summertime.

By Julius Jiaga

Photo credit: Google

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