Church Gatherings Outfit Ideas

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Many of us have a hard time figuring out how or what to wear every time we attend church gatherings to Worship and give thanks to our God. Many people just wear what they wear every day of their worship. Unbeknownst to them, dress during church gatherings is also taught in the bible. So here are the best church gatherings out ideas.

I also want women to dress neatly, honorably and appropriately. They do not have to be extravagant in their dress and grooming, nor do they have to wear expensive jewelry made of gold or pearls.

1 Timothy 2:9

And for Aaron’s sons thou shalt make coats, and thou shalt make for them girdles, and bonnets shalt thou make for them, for glory and for beauty.

Exodus 28:40

That is, either the dress or the proper dress of the time of the prophets has been enforced.

But in the present timeline of the world, It is no longer considered proper to dress properly when we face the Lord God to worship or thank him. Some are just gonna wear what they want to wear and others are almost too proud of the attire. But How should we dress when we are going to face Our Lord god? What is the proper attire so that we can be pleasing in God’s sight?


Here are tips on how to dress properly during the time we will be going to church gatherings!

Wear formal attire


We all know that formal dress is a symbol of respect or an indication that we are serious about what we are going to do or what we intend to do with a person or celebration that we are going to.

But how exactly should formal attire be? o What exactly does formal dress mean?

Here are some examples of Formal Attire

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For men, being formal is already a habit in themselves. Because usually when we go somewhere, we prefer to wear a Polo and we will pair it with black slacks or pants. This is also an example of when we face Our god. We should only wear Polo and Black pants or slacks. Avoid wearing a polo shirt or T-shirt on the top and jeans or shorts on the bottom. As much as possible, also avoid wearing Rubber shoes oh Other types of shoes with vivid or noticeable colors. Recommended to wear black shoes and white that suits your bottom or top. Also, avoid wearing a hat or cap when we enter the Chapel.


As for men’s hair, As much as possible avoid long hair oh beards when we have a worship service. Make it a habit to cut our hair and shave our beards or mustaches to make us look more formal or attractive not only to people who will notice us but also in front of the lord god.

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For women, wear long dresses or even short dresses as long as our thighs or over-the-knee dress are not too visible, this is also a way of expressing that you have no intention of discussing or talking to men. who will come to you because your only purpose is to worship and praise the Lord God. Also avoid wearing revealing dresses or those that are almost obvious body or chest clothes such as Spaghetti Strap, Skirts, Croptops, and others. As much as possible, wear things that are moderately fit for your body. Also, avoid wearing too close to your body or too visible the shape of your waist to avoid the attention of those who see you.

Also, avoid wearing pants or a t-shirt during worship. Also avoid wearing rubber shoes. recommended to wear flat shoes so that you do not have difficulty when walking and standing.

There is nothing too wrong with your hair, just avoid making your hair too short or frizzy, Use a Ponytail or Hairnet so that your hair does not blast.

Avoid Using Phones or Talking 


When we are inside the church or chapel and we are conducting our worship services. Avoid using cell phones or chatting with someone. Whenever possible, leave your cell phones in your car or at home.

If you are asked? when you are talking to someone and the person you are talking to uses a cellphone while you are talking? how will you feel won’t you feel rude? and you will be angry with him because he is not focused on your discussion.

What if God felt that way about you?
These are just some of the reminders whenever we face the Lord God or whenever we attend worship services.

Let us be Formal like how formal we will deal with a famous person, May we also make preparations when we face our Lord God.



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Armand Vilar (2021)

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