Chunky Sneakers For 2022

Dad shoes
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Chunky sneakers are also known as ‘dad sneakers’. Or ‘ugly sneakers’. Why? Cause the design of these shoes is not appealing to the eye, at first sight. However, they look good when you look real close: pay attention to detail. This Fashion style hit the market a few years ago, 2018 to be precise. Ever since the majority of the people around the world embraced it.

Chunky sneakers 1

History of Chunky Sneakers

Back in 2018, a shoe company called Fila first made their ‘dad shoes’. It had a thick sole, with a well-fit inner cotton lining that offered high levels of comfortability. On launching it into the market, many people embraced the design. It was only a few weeks down the line that sales went boom! The demand for these shoes was higher than the supply. Other companies such as Nike then took that golden opportunity and jumped right into this business. They came up with their own design of chunky sneakers which also made sales, at large.

Chunky sneakers 3

How does it feel walking with these chunky sneakers on?

Well, I do have a pair of these. And, what I really love most about the ‘dad shoes’ is the sole. It makes me feel as if I’m walking on airs. Super comfortable both with or with no socks on. You can also refer to them as off-road shoe cause, they’re like four-wheel drive when walking on rough terrains.

How much do they go for?

I bought mine at a whopping low price of $30. This was on during the Black Friday, November season. has such sneakers though I ain’t sure of the price there.

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