Christiano Ronaldo Vs Messi Fashion: Who has a better taste?

Christiano Ronaldo Vs Messi Fashion
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Christiano Ronaldo Vs Messi: The battle between Christiano Ronaldo and Messi is a never-ending one. Surprisingly, the competition has found its way into the fashion industry and fans across the globe are now comparing who between them dresses better than the order.

The duo is among one of the stiffest competitors to ever grace the world from sports, wealth, achievements, and now to fashion. I know you already have taken sides, either team Messi or team Christiano. Who among them do you think dresses better than the other? Join me as we solve this puzzle in the subsequent paragraphs below.

Christiano Ronaldo Vs Messi Fashion

Away from the football arena, both Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi love fashion. They are often spotted dressed in various designer clothes by top fashion brands from across different continents.

Christiano Ronaldo Fashion:

For over 7 years, Christiano Ronaldo has constantly built his brand under the name CR7. Fashion is part of the main reasons why he is one of the most followed people on Instagram. In fact, he is the first and the only human being to have crossed the 300 million followers mark. His fashion collection mainly includes expensive watches, casual attire, denim, under wares, and jackets. He has often been spotted in polo shirts as well as Gucci products.

Christiano Ronaldo Fashion

Christiano Ronaldo Hair:

Hair is part of your fashion and appearance as a man. He has often been sported with his spiked hairstyle, making him one of the most handsome players in the league, a style that he has maintained over years.

Christiano Ronaldo Hair

Christiano Ronaldo Watch:

He is a fan of expensive watches, the latest being a leather Band Chronograph watch. He is used to expensive things, a thing that has earned him top respect.

Christiano Ronaldo Watch

Lionel Messi Fashion: Christiano Ronaldo Vs Messi Fashion

Lionel Messi has recently adopted a perfect fashion style, often preferring casual clothes to formal ones. He has been often confused for a model..haha.

Lionel Messi Shoe game:

His shoe game seems to be top-notch. He currently wears most Adidas shoes and speed-flow soccer cleats, making him one of the players with the best shoe game ever.

REMARKS: Christiano Ronaldo Vs Messi Fashion

Who amongst the two do you think has the best fashion sense? Feel free to comment.

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