Choosing the Athleisure Trend

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More than just being a sporty attire, athleisure is characterized as a trend where the type of clothing is comfortable to wear during workouts or when doing exercises and still look stylish and pleasing for daily wear or post-workout for that matter. As the name suggests, it is a combination of athletics and leisure. So yes, it is about a hybrid between functionality and fashion. Integrating the two means these are versatile pieces which one can put on from the gym to the office for example.

Here is my take on the trend and I carefully curated them for each category.  Hopefully, you can get inspired by the following ideas.

Let us start with the shoes. You can wear sneakers or rubber shoes. The pairs could be leaning on a monochrome palette or neon brights.


Next would be the bottoms. Wearing a pair of leggings used to be a fashion don’t but now you can do it without judgment or whatsoever. Also, a pair of shorts could be a good choice depending on the occasion.


Do not forget the tops. Don a crop top or a crewneck. It is all about the material or fabric that is comfortable to wear.


Consider the outerwear. Do layering by having the option to wear a shirt underneath bomber jackets or hoodies or how about considering a tracksuit with well-coordinated colors.


Last but not the least, stack on accessories. It may be a pair of sunglasses or a baseball cap or a fitness watch or a bag.


Time really changes our needs and how we dress up. As a lot of people would have it, athleisure is not just a trend but a sign of progress or a revolution. It is a part of our life. In these modern times, they are practical alright but more and more are choosing the healthier lifestyle while at the same time looking aesthetic. After all, it is a good investment in the long run. Strut the street with athleisure.

All photos from Pinterest.

Love Lots,
Fashion Sage

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