6 Important Reasons Why You Should Choose Sterling Silver Jewellery

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Boasting a beautiful, stylish shine – you don’t have to be a genius to see why sterling silver jewellery is a popular choice among jewellery enthusiasts. From bracelets to earrings, this sophisticated metal offers a number of benefits that makes it an all-time favourite for on-trend jewellery pieces. Keep reading to discover 6 reasons why you should choose sterling silver jewellery.

1. It’s Environmentally Friendly

One core benefit of choosing sterling silver jewellery is that it is environmentally friendly for a number of reasons.

Firstly, sterling silver is a recyclable material, meaning that when this jewellery is no longer wanted, it can be melted down and reused to create new pieces, reducing the need for the mining of new raw materials.

As sterling silver is extracted from the earth through mining, it is a natural material, meaning it does not require the use of harsh chemicals or pollutants during its production.

The great news is that sterling silver can be recycled indefinitely without any loss of quality making it a more sustainable option than other metals that can only be recycled a few times before losing their integrity.

2. It’s Durable

Sterling silver is also much stronger than fine silvers as it’s made of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals (usually copper), whereas fine silver is 99.9% pure. The addition of copper is what makes the silver more durable and resistant to scratches, dents, bending and other types of wear and tear from everyday life. Now, this doesn’t mean that your sterling silver jewellery is completely indestructible, but it will certainly have a much longer lifespan than fine silver jewellery.

However, it is worth noting that sterling silver can in fact tarnish over time, especially when exposed to sulphur and other chemicals. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to store your silver ethical jewellery in a dry place and clean it regularly with mild detergent and warm water.


3. Sterling Silver Jewellery is Hypoallergenic

Sterling silver is generally considered hypoallergenic as it’s a pure metal and doesn’t contain any nickel, which is a common allergen that causes skin irritation and rashes on the skin. As mentioned in the previous point, sterling silver is made up of a combination of 92.5% fine silver and 7.5% other alloys, usually copper. Luckily, copper is also considered hypoallergenic, so it is very unlikely that someone would have an allergic reaction to it.


sterling silver jewellery
For those who suffer from sensitive skin or metal allergies, sterling silver rings and earrings are a perfect choice.

Please note: If you suffer from significant issues with skin irritation from wearing rings or earrings, we recommend consulting with a dermatologist. It’s also important to note that sterling silver jewellery can be coated with rhodium or other metals, so it’s important to check if the coating is hypoallergenic.

4. Sterling Silver Jewellery is Easy to Care For

Another benefit of choosing sterling silver jewellery is the fact it’s relatively easy to care for and although it can tarnish over time, it only requires a bit of maintenance to keep it looking its best.

To prevent sterling silver from tarnishing, it’s best to store it in a cool, dry place, preferably in a tarnish-proof box or bag. To clean, we recommend brushing it over with a soft cloth or using mild soap and warm water to keep it shining. It’s important to note, however, that you should avoid using abrasive cleaning materials or ultrasonic cleaners, as they can in fact damage the silver. Another thing that may also cause tarnishing is exposing sterling silver to chemicals like sulphur or chlorine, so avoid these if you can also.

5. Sterling Silver is Timeless and Will Never Go Out of Style

One thing that you can always guarantee with sterling silver is that it will always be a timeless metal, and has been popular for centuries due to its stunning shine and versatility.

Before the days of fast fashion, sterling silver was a scarce commodity which was only worn by the wealthy, and its sense of exclusivity has carried on throughout the centuries, making it as desirable today as it was years ago.

6. It’s Versatile and Comes in a Wide Variety of Designs

Last but certainly not least, sterling silver is incredibly versatile due to its malleability, which allows it to be easily shaped and moulded into a wide range of designs. The fact that sterling silver can be easily polished and finished to give it a high shine or a matte finish, also adds to its versatility.

What’s more, sterling silver can be used to make a variety of different jewellery types, such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and even brooches, making it an incredibly versatile metal that can be worn for all occasions.

Written by Kate, on behalf of contemporary wearable art creator – Duxford Studios.

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