Chic Fits, For Your Hot SUMMERS – 5 Summer Outfits That Sizzle

summer outfits
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Whenever we search for ‘Summer outfits’ all we get are those dresses with floral prints, with deep cleavage to them or a little slit on the side to make it unique and end of discussion.

But why end there only? A summer wardrobe is way more vast thing than anyone could think of. To me summer season is the ‘sexy season’ it gives you reasons to wear all those cute yet hot outfits.

Let’s dive into my selections and ideas for you all.

1. Denim Shorts With A crop Top Summer Outfits

Denim shorts with a crop top, basic but chic, pair with shoes, tie a messy bun or a high ponytail and you’re good to go.

summer outfits

summer outfits shorts

 Any white shoes you have will go right with it if you have black Converse this looks complete. Flex your curves girl.

If you’re an all-black person then go for:-

summer outfits Crop top

summer outfits shorts

2. Pleated And Colorblock Skirts Outfits

We can’t miss on skirts and while we’re compromising on floral prints we can go for pleated or maybe colorblock skirts or maybe a mix of both. Pair it with a vest, wear your vest without a shirt or with a shirt, your choice. But this pair is on fire.


summer outfits Vest

summer outfits 5

Pair it with any ankle-length boots you have. Tie a bun or leave your hair open, with bangs.

3. Mini Skirt with Crop Top Summer Outfits

Mini skirt with a crop top. The basic but right choice of colors and style can make you presentable.

summer outfits top

summer outfits skirt

4. Long Pleated Skirt and Strappy Crop Top Summer Outfit

Long pleated skirt and a strappy crop top. Your ready to go look for your Sunday brunch, lunch date, or picnics?

summer outfits Crop Tops

summer outfits pleated skirts


Pair it with layered chains and a thin bracelet, hoops will work too.

5. Deep Neck Crop Top And Mini Skirt Summer Outfits

Deep neck crop top and mini skirt what could go wrong? Perfect for any activity in summer.

summer outfits Tops

summer outfits pink skirt


This outfit looks date ready. Wear it with white heels and a chain. Tie your hair or leave them be.

This is my take on some of my favorite summer outfits. I hope you would show support my content, I’ll be very delighted if you do so that’ll encourage me to make more fashion-related content and share it with you.

Thank you to everyone who read it to the last.

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