Celebrity Street Fashion: 4 Unique Ryan Reynolds street styles.

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Hello, Fashionistas of the streets and home… How are Y’all doing today? It’s currently past 5 pm here in Lagos, Nigeria, and I feel really tired. I wanted to take a break because of the work I had done today but decided to just post this because I don’t wanna procrastinate, you know?

Okeydokey, let’s dive in: Ryan Reynolds is by far my favorite actor of all time. I could sit at home and neglect writing if it is to binge-watch all his movies. He’s not just handsome but so talented and creative and he certainly inspires. So, I thought, why not share with my favorite fashion readers some of Ryan’s fashion style on the streets? We all know acting, producing and all that stuff takes time and effort, and as such most celebrities just wanna feel casual while walking to a supermarket or on a date with their spouses.

Ryan Reynold’s Street Style:

Bomber Jackets: 

I don’t know whether it’s his taste in fashion, but Ryan has a unique fashion sense that sometimes does not correlate and makes people think that he doesn’t have style, but that is a lie. I would like to call this talented actor’s style unique. which is why when I saw that he loves to wear Bomber jackets, I wanted to dive into the various ways he styles his outfits.

Honestly, when I saw these outfits, I was like whhhaat but c’mon, you’ve gotta agree that one style is certainly a style. So, Ryan decides that whether the polo is tucked in or not, it certainly goes with his bomber jacket as well as the last picture which is the first I am seeing of its kind is probably a tucked-in buttoned shirt with a tie and an armless sweater vest paired with his famous Bomber Jacket.

Now I’m sure these three outfits are classy street styles because according to some sources, they say, that Ryan is one of the first persons to actually look good in a tucked-in or not, full-on, buttoned shirt with a bomber jacket but my attention was mostly drawn to the last picture where he pulled off a casual-official look, sporting a buttoned-up shirt (tucked in) with a tie on a pair of khaki pants and then complimenting it with a matching bomber jacket and honestly you would agree with me when I say, that outfit is the bomb… Lol.

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Khaki Pants:

Okay, one of the must-see street styles for Ryan is a pair of Khaki Pants. Sure, he wears pant-suits to all those big events where it’s the outfit that matters but Ryan sure likes to keep it simple with his Khakis as he is mostly seen on different pairs.

This professional actor sure loves his comfort style and I’m sure the un-constricting khakis that can be paired with anything would be on his top list. Pairing the Khaki with any kind of shirt or sweater, or jacket makes my favorite actor look like he is stepping out of a movie every time.

Leather Jackets:

Yep Yep, it may sound common but a leather jacket is also one of the top outfit addition that makes Ryan’s street style a bit more refined and ooooh, unique (lemme not say what I wanted to say, lol).

Now I do love all of Ryan’s outfits but you just gotta agree with me, that the leather jacket is meant for him (lol). I mean, seriously, he looks stunning however it is not the leather jacket itself that takes the cake but how he styles it. The first picture makes a statement of color… wearing a white polo vest and blue jeans and then pairing it with his leather jacket makes me remember the movie Deadpool and hey, even his suit was made of leather (lol), what I’m saying is that guys who think that it’s only dark colors that accentuate with a leather jacket, thought wrong. I say, there is nothing wrong with a bit of color. For the third picture, to me, it says, not all leather jackets are black. I have a friend who likes to say she likes her guys wearing black leather jackets but c’mon, a man’s gotta have more than black right? Don’t get me wrong, I love black, it’s beautiful but a little more color won’t hurt.

As for my favorite, the almost matching (carton brown) zipped-up leather jacket, and cargo pants. I just like the outfit and it is also one of my recommendations for either a movie date or lunch date. The inner hoodie and scarf around his neck are also what make this look very unique but abeg, don’t try this is the sunny season of Nigeria… You will melt (lol, I’m being serious).

Face Caps and The hat: 


One of the most seen accessories on Ryan is his caps. It’s like a 50% probability that when you see him on the streets, he is always wearing one. Now, it might be to escape the paparazzi or just a style of his but it doesn’t matter because it looks great on him anyway.

Ranging from baseball caps to leisure or even work caps, the actor surely looks cool in whatever he pairs them with.

There is a hat that according to Ryan paraphrases ” I’ve had a hat for fifteen years that I still love. It’s a hat that my wife would kill me if I ever got rid of it”. I do understand sentimental clothes. I have this face cap that was custom-made just for me and it was very expensive but my dad paid for it. It was sentimental because it made a statement for my dad and me, but then, one day, I thought I had lost it and my dad asked for it that same day (omo, lol). It wasn’t funny. I tore down my wardrobe, and my sibling’s wardrobe in an attempt to find it because I knew I mustn’t lose it. I ended up finding it to my greatest relief. So, I understand the threat Ryan, lol.

Although he isn’t seen much with this hat anymore, who can blame him?… It’s been fifteen years, it surely would come un-done (lol). But Ryan tells us that sentimental outfits are still in vogue, so put on that blouse made by your mum or that scarf hand-made for you and rock it into your style.

I have come to the end of this session, lol, and wow, it’s already past 7 pm. I spent nearly two hours on this(tired face). Honestly, it ain’t easy to sit down and think of a blog or an article content. The research, formation of words, and brainstorming are part of the effort we writer’s put into our works, so that our amazing readers have a great time reading, so please guys, stay tuned for more, and don’t forget to leave your comments and recommendations… I appreciate all your love and support fashionistas.. keep it up (wink).

Later Fashionistas…

By Oluwatoyosi

Photo source: Google.com



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