4 Beautiful Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before And After


As we know beauty is appreciated by everyone. And when it comes to beauty every person is seen from head to toe. In this fashionable age, people declare a person a beautiful one by judging it many hundred times. Nose and lip shape matter a lot because it is responsible for changing the whole face shape. If we see a picture of a person with a different nose shape and lips it will look like a different person each time. So let’s take a look at 4 beautiful celebrity plastic surgery before and after shots.

Many famous celebrities perform surgeries on their faces. One of the best examples is Kylie Jenner. In fact, the whole Kardashian did surgeries on them. Some surgeries also go wrong but it is not always the case. Most the surgeries remain successful

Many other celebrities did this and their surgeries also become successful. We will take our start with Kylie;

• Kylie Jenner Surgery:

This beauty mogul is a very famous model in the U.S. Kylie is considered an inspiration for young girls due to her beauty and class across the world. This stunning lady is born a millionaire and is a self-made billionaire. Kylie Jenner a reality star got her surgery on lips (lips filler) at the age of 16. She has done many surgeries that are proved successful. During the last two years, she did 6 or more surgeries. No doubt, she was born beautiful and became more after these surgeries.


Her surgeries include;

1. Lifting of Brow


2. Fillers of Lower Eyelid and Lip, Nasolabial

3. Nose Jobbing

4. Chin Enhancement

5. Breast Augmentation

6. Butt Lift

All these surgeries sum up to enhance her beauty and made her Beauty Queen.

• Megan Fox`s Surgery:

Megan Fox is also listed among the fabulous American actress and models. She is the beat of many hearts all over the world. When it comes to this lady then we became assured about the fact of Brain with Beauty. She was also beautiful before her surgeries. And now she is still beautiful and considered among America`s Beauties. Her beauty became more and more after her surgeries and Botox use. Although she still denies her surgeries it’s a fact that without them her beauty was not so prominent.



Surgeries list;

1. Rhinoplasty for Nose

2. Facial Fillers

3. Plump her lips up

4. Enhance her Cheeks

5. Fillers to Smoothen Forehead

• Kendall Jenner`s Surgery:

She is the sister of Kylie Jenner. She is also a famous model in U.S. Kendall is a very famous lady of 26 years. Kylie is a part of Kardashian so doing surgeries is a normal thing for them. Kylie is a very gorgeous person who also remains beautiful before and after her surgeries. She also does some surgeries on both; her face and body. Her first surgery was at the age of 16 like Kylie.



It includes;

1. Brow Lifting

2. Rhinoplasty

3. Lip Injections

4. Cheek Fillers

5. Anti-wrinkle Injections

• Ariana Grande`s Surgery:

One of the top singers in America is Ariana Grande. She is an actress too. She worked on a TV show on Nickelodeon. She is a shining star since her childhood. She also got surgeries on her body and face but she is pretty in both eras. She was known as the cutest child. There is a surgery for almond-type eyes. This is also done by her. This surgery can only be done after the age of 22, so it is believed that she did her first surgery at the age of 22.



The list of Plastic Surgeries of Ariana Grande involves;

1. Brow Lift

2. Cheek Fillings

3. Ponytail Facelift

4. Nose Job

5. Injections of Lips

6. Canthoplasty

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By Marie Joseph

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