Casual First Date OOTD’s

Going out on a date everyone is thinking of a good outfit to wear. Pressure is on. So the question is, what should you wear when you’re on a date? Too casual? Too sloppy? It’s over before it starts. Dating is categorized in 2 types- morning and night.

In the morning you will wear:

  1.  Chelsea Boots    

2. Faded Semi-fit Denim Jeans

Go for light faded denim jeans for the morning because we will be reserving the darker tones for night.

3. Fitted V-neck T-sirts 

4. Leather Jacket

5. Sunglasses

All outfits from top to buttom really depends on you. You can also wear sweaters or long sleeves, a tight jeans and leather jacket is optional.

In the night date you will wear:

  1.  Dark Denim

Could be optional because you can also wear tattered jeans but don’t go for light colors always choose darker tones at night time.

2. Leather Shoes

Make sure to pair your shoes darker socks. Shoes also is optional either with or without lace. It is still up to you.

3. White Longsleeves


I go for white because it is not too flashy and not too flamboyant. You can never go wrong with white.

Gentlemen, when you succeed on your first date it is easy. But when it goes poorly you will forever have first dates and we don’t want that. I hope this helps you. 

Photo source: Pinterest and Google

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