Caring For The Soft Skin Under The Eyes

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Certain unhealthy lifestyles, stress, and genes can cause diverse blemishes or conditions on the skin around the eyes. These include swelling, lines, and dark circles around the eyes. Ultraviolet radiation can also pose a major risk of irritating the eyes and surrounding skin.

The skin around the eyes is more tender and thinner than the skin of the other parts of the face, hence they are susceptible to many skin issues. Thus, there is a need for special skin care treatments for this region of skin.
There are some helpful products in the market, which can help one achieve this purpose, which include moisturizers and eye creams.
Below are some helpful tips to help care for the soft sensitive skin under the eyes;

Make Use of Moisturizers

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Yes, moisturizers are important in skin care treatments, and helpful in caring for the skin around the eyes. Moisturizers can be used alongside eye creams. They help prevent lines from forming around the eyes. It is important to note that both can be selected according to one’s skin type.

Maintain A Habit of Relaxing the Eyes

The eyes are always continuously active during the day. In addition, the use of blue light gadgets can also cause fatigue to the eyes. Try to stay away from phone screens or television screens for a few hours before going to bed.

For persons whose work involves the continuous use of computers, try to reduce screen time. It helps reduce eye fatigue and dark circles.

Avoid Over-exposure To Sunlight/UV-Light

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Too much exposure to UV rays can damage the skin and also affect the eyes as well. Be mindful to make use of sunglasses before you get out when the sun is high. This helps protect the eyes and the sensitive skin around them.

Try Out Some helpful Home-made Remedies

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 You can equally try out some beneficial home remedies, which can help reduce inflammation and the formation of deep circles.

The most common homemade remedy is the use of sizeable cucumber slices on the eyes. These help to reduce inflammation and redness around the eyes with a great hydrating effect.

Home-made remedies help cut the costs of purchasing expensive eye creams and moisturizers while getting the same benefits as well.

Treat the Sensitive Area Under the Skin with Mild Care

Just as stated at the beginning of the article, the skin under the eyes is distinctively soft and thinner than other areas of the skin. Therefore, when going about daily facial skin care routines or even applying of makeup, mild care should be used when applying products or rubbing around the sensitive area beneath the eyes. Preferably, use gentle circular patting motions ( using the fingertips) to apply creams, lotions, and moisturizers around the area. Be very mindful not to strain and stretch the skin around your eyes when applying eye creams or facial cosmetics. 


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Get enough Sleep, Rest, and Hydration

Inadequate sleep or insufficient rest can trigger both puffinesses and contribute to the development of dark circles under the eyes. Dehydration, on the other hand, can cause the skin around the eyes to sag and also look sunken.

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