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Lana Del Rey Lipstick
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The iconic song singer Lana Del Rey is known for her vintage aesthetic and sultry voice. She has ventured into the world of beauty with her own line of lipsticks. As a good fan of both her music and her unique style, I would try out her collection of lip shades. Here are some of Lana Del Rey’s lipsticks.

1. Shade range and packaging: Lana Del Rey Lipstick

The collection truly caters to various skin tones and preferences ranging from classic reds to soft nudes. With gold accents and a signature font that channels old Hollywood vibes, the packaging is reminiscent of vintage glamour. creating a statement piece in any makeup collection, the lipstick cases feel sturdy and luxurious.

Lana Del Rey Lipstick reviews

2. Formula and application:

Lana Del Rey’s lipstick boasts a creamy and rich formula that glides on effortlessly. showing comfort throughout wear, and the texture is lightweight. most of the shades give full coverage with just one swipe, which is perfect for achieving a bold look without excessive layering. you will find these lipsticks easy to apply accurately, whether you are a makeup novice or an expert.

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3. Longevity and wear: Lana Del Rey Lipstick

The staying power is one of the key factors I consider when reviewing lipstick. Lana Del Rey’s lipsticks offer decent longevity. They do hold up well for several hours while they don’t claim to be transfer-proof or smudge-proof even through light eating and drinking. You need to do some touch-ups for a long night out, especially with the darker shades. The good part about it is that they fade evenly, leaving a subtle stain behind, which can be good if you prefer a more natural look as the day goes.

4. Comfort and Hydration:

Matte lipsticks sometimes get a bad rap for being drying, while Lana Del Rey’s lipsticks are comfortably felt on the lips. Also, the matte shades had a slight creaminess that prevented that uncomfortable, tight feeling. for people who prefer a satin or glossy finish, the collection creates a variety of options that provide hydration and a soft sheen.

Lana Del Rey Lipstick

5. Unique shades: Lana Del Rey Lipstick

The inclusion of unique and unconventional shades is what truly sets Lana Del Rey’s collection apart. The collection also features shades like deep plum, burnt sienna, and even a moody navy blue. These shades are better for when you want to channel your inner Lana and embrace a more daring look.

6. Final verdict:

By creating a range of shades and finishes that cater to various tastes, Lana Del Rey’s lipstick collection is a homage to her artistic persona. The comfort and ease of application make up for this minor drawback while the staying power could be improved for extended wear.


Lana Del Rey’s lipstick line goes with the expectations that come with her name. Encapsulating the essence of her style, it’s a blend of vintage charm and modern sensibility.


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