Can You Use Sapphire Earring As A Nose Ring?

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Jewelry has been around for ages and both men and women have adorned themselves with pieces of jewelry as an expression of self-love and social status. Be it necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, or bangles, every piece of jewelry has its own charm, and people all over the world love to wear them in some or the other form. One such piece of jewelry is the nose ring which has been popular among its admirers for thousands of years but has become popular among the Western audience in the past few decades. Today, nose piercing, especially nostril piercing is practically popular in every part of the world as a new fashion trend among youngsters, and this post is dedicated to nose rings only as we find out whether earrings could be worn as a nose ring.

Can I Use Earrings As Nose Rings?

Though the question may seem absurd to you, you would be surprised to know that it is possible to wear your earrings as a nose pin or nose ring. So even though both pieces of jewelry are designed and traditionally worn in completely different settings, there are still certain designs that are common in nose rings and earrings, such as small loops, studs, etc. which are adorned with gemstones or are simply carved out of metals.

Using an earring as a nose ring depends on several other factors such as the size of your piercings and the size of your earrings. For small nose piercings, it would not be a good idea to use earrings as nose rings since they may not fit well and harm sensitive skin around the nose but a big nostril piercing can possibly bear the weight of your earring provided the earring is not too heavy.

Can I Use Nose Ring As Earrings?

It is also possible to wear a nose ring as an earring provided you have got two exact pieces that you can wear in both ears. In fact, it is comparatively easier to use a nose ring as an earring since the former is small in size with small gauge wire and hence can easily be inserted into the ear piercing. However, before trying this out make sure you have cleaned your nose ring thoroughly with soap and water since accumulation of bacteria on the ring can lead to infected earlobes.

Can I Use a Sapphire Earring As a Nose Ring?

Nose rings can simply be made up of a sleek string of metal or could have gemstones embedded in them. You can go for a single gemstone cut or opt for a nose ring adorned with several dainty gemstones. While diamond nose rings and studs are the most common, other gemstones such as emeralds, sapphires, and rubies also make a good choice as nose rings. So if you have beautiful sapphire earrings that are suitable to be worn as a nose ring or a nose pin, don’t think twice before trying them out.

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Points To Keep In Mind Before Using an Earring As a Nose Ring

Though wearing an earring as a nose pin might not fascinate everyone, those who wish to give it a try must keep the following pointer in mind:

Make sure the gauge wire or the post of your earring is not big enough to fit in your nostril. If the metal is too thick or short to pass through your nostril, don’t try to force it, or you may hurt yourself in the process.

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Only use metals made of premium quality such as stainless steel, titanium, etc. as nose rings. So make sure your earrings are made of these metals.

Clean your earrings well before you insert them into your nostrils or if they have not been in use for a considerable amount of time, if ignored, you may contract infection.

If you are not sure whether you should wear your earring as a nose pin or not then it is better to consult a piercer who might be able to tell you whether the earring and its metal are good to be used as a nose pin for your nostril piercing.

In the case of stud earrings, make sure the earring back is suitable for it to be used as a nose pin. The size of the stud also matters, the smaller the size, the better the candidate to be used as a nose ring.


In general, it is not a good idea to wear earrings as a nose ring and you should instead use the intended pieces of jewelry for both purposes. However, the idea of wearing an earring as a nose ring and vice versa is definitely not a straight ‘no’ and if you are curious to know, you can give it a try but only after making sure that it will work in your favor. If you cannot guarantee that the transition will bring positive results then it is better to drop the idea or rather consult a professional for help. Meanwhile, GemsNY has an exciting collection of gemstone earrings, especially sapphire stone earrings which can bring you the coolness of oceans and the lightness of blue sky.

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