Buying Online – Tips to Avoid Scams

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Many people prefer buying online rather than going directly to the physical store to buy their products. This is also because of the spreading of disease around the world. But shopping online also has an associated apprehension, as you may also be scammed into making your purchase online.

Knowing the Importance of every good for everyone’s necessities, especially because of this pandemic. We can’t deny that many people actually do scams just to make money. You? have you ever been scammed? How does being Scammed feel? Even if we haven’t experienced it yet, we already feel that it hurts us especially if the money you used to buy the product is what you saved or worked hard to get.

If you have never experienced scams you are in luck. But we can’t deny that a lot of people are really quick to get caught or carried away with scams like this. Scammers are good at using sweet words so that you will fall for it and they will get you the guts to invest or withdraw money from them and they will leave you at a loss.

Because of that, you are here to get simple tips or advice to avoid scam activities or avoid becoming a victim of it. In fact, it’s easy to do anything to avoid it.

1. Know the person you are transacting with or the shop you are buying from

Before dealing or purchasing to an unknown person or store, you should first consider Performing a so-called background check, perform it by looking carefully at the profile of your transaction partner if you have only met on Facebook.


NOTE: Take a good look if his Facebook profile has many friends or activities and has historical posts and he is really in his Profile picture and not just someone else.

2. Read feedback about this seller when buying online. 

Read carefully about whether the products offered by this seller or this online shop are of good quality or have high reviews from people who have already purchased or transacted with this person.

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How did the seller handle the customer’s questions? How responsive he/she is?


How did he handle the products in terms of packaging?

You can expect its product to be guaranteed if it has high and good reviews from its previous customers. We can often say a store or person is good or trustworthy with its product when he or she has a 4.7 or higher star rating from customers.

If he passed the first and second tests that you conducted we can say that he is indeed a trusted seller or Online store. But it is still not appropriate for one to just say that he is trustworthy or not a scammer. If you are still lacking in the previous tests do the third way it is the ….

3. Find out where did the seller’s real location is or where did their shop is based. 


Why is it necessary to know the seller’s location? It’s simple so that you can go to them or visit their store if there is a problem or something wrong with the product you bought. But how do you know if he/she was telling the real location? If he/she had a Shop you can look on Google Maps or Waze the location he said if it is correct or suitable for a store. You can also ask their past customers if this person is legit and not difficult to communicate with so that in case you have a problem you can file a complaint.

4. Get their Contact information.


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Here are the final tips to avoid being scammed. You better Get the Contract number where they can be called or texted to make sure you can talk to them on the day of your purchase. 

NOTE: If the number he/she gave is Wrong or can’t be dialed, you should stop the transaction with him and if the seller does not want to give the number or avoid giving the number it is also a sign that he is a scammer or liar.

These are some simple tips to Avoid being Victimized by Scammers. Always remember that Shopping online must also have some sacrifices or responsibilities if you wanna get your products to be guaranteed that it is a good item or product. 



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Yours truly, Armand Vilar (2021) 

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