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Bu Bu as they are called, is a fashionable outfit mostly worn by Nigerian women. In the Past it was worn by married older women to conceal their curves so as not to draw too much attention to their bodies. As a little girl, I grew up seeing my mum wearing her own.

Bu Bu gown 1

Recently, Bu Bu has managed to climb back to the limelight. In The fashion ladder. And they are now evoked and can be worn by ladies despite their age.

Bu Bu gown 2

If versatility is the name, these gowns are well known for their Versatility, comfy, style, and designs. Available in ready-to-wear or can be designed just for you. With beautiful colors and Patterns. suitable for any function or occasion you want to attend.


Bu Bu gown 3
Bu Bu gown 4

But Bu Bu are made from fabrics such as Ankara, cotton, silk,  chiffon, and lace and include adire

Bu Bu gown 5
Bu Bu gown 6
Bu Bu gown 7

Various Bu bu come with v shape necklines that flow down

Bu Bu gown 8

These Bu Bu gowns are suitable alternatives to uncomfortable beans, pants, and tight dresses. You can wear them for hours as they are comfy and suitable for all body sizes whether slim or plus size.

Their versatile patterns can fit any accessory you want to wear, ranging from shades, scarves handbags, and even beads. Giving Giving you that rich aunty kind of look and vibe. Take a look at the pictures below. And, comment and tell me what you think.

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Bu Bu gown 9
Bu Bu gown 10

These ladies look gorgeous and slaying they offer endless Choices for women who want effortless dressing and slaying suitable for any occasion and events be it official or casual events.

 In recent times bu bu has become a must-have for both traditional, social, and religious events. Now the fabric comes in beautiful patterns suitable for any event. You can never go wrong with any choices you make.

Bu Bu gown 11

Recently, women have moved from traditional Bu Bu styles to more vibrant, bold, overflowing, flared, and short styles and designs with accessories such as scarves, shades, turbans, and handbags. Suitable for any events ranging from official meetings, weddings birthday parties, religious events, and lots more.

They can also be paired with high heels, flats, and sneakers. Depending on the event you are attending.

Bu Bu gown 12

Short Bu Bu gowns are made with various materials including silk, chiffon, Ankara, and lace. With beautiful patterns. They are from either entirely Ankara or have features of Ankara at the edges.

You can never go wrong with short Bu Bu styles irrespective of your body size. These beautiful short gowns are designed to go a little below the Knell or above the knell. They are made for ladies who want to Slay effortlessly without attracting attention but looking stylish.

Bu Bu gown 13


Bu Bu gown 14

This Bu Bu radiates class, Elegance, sophistication, and wealth. Making the wearer have this boss lady kind of look.  Tell me which design you like most.

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Photo credit. Legit ng. Afrika

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