Bright Waterline Makeup For A Pop

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This one is for my makeup enthusiasts, both experienced and novice. How about a brilliant, bright waterline makeup finish? I’m all for it, so let’s talk.

waterline makeup
Pink Waterline

We have been accustomed over time and by we, I mean all of my makeup enthusiasts—to using a basic black eyeliner as our go-to cosmetic product(s) for the waterline in particular. If we find ourselves less satisfied with our makeup and the products we use for our makeup routine, we may decide to tweak a few different products and try other things. Many people will undoubtedly agree that it’s easy to reach for the same things when we apply our makeup.

One of my favorite makeup artists was doing a live video the other day while I was going through social media, and the first thing that caught my eye was the stunning brilliant neon green waterline makeup. I had to make sure she was aware that both her waterline makeup and as well as her entire makeup were popping. I was intrigued honestly.  Yes, I’ve tried black and white waterline makeup, but I’ve never used a bright color. She motivated me to give it a try and even to write this blog, so why not now inspire my readers?

waterline makeup

Due to my enthusiasm for applying makeup but using vibrant hues, vivid colored eye pencils are currently all the rage. If you want to get a vibrant, colorful appearance, starting with colored eyeliner pencils rather than the traditional black, white, or brown is the best place to start with waterline makeup. A world of unique looks may be created by experimenting, and I do mean experimenting, with different eyeliner colors. In fact, you can even brighten your eye color and improve the shape of your eyes.

As I mentioned a little before, lining the waterline of the eye improves and naturally makes the eyes look bigger and brighter, it is safe to infer that its pun is intended. Therefore, if you enjoy having huge, bright eyes, I advise you to experiment with waterline makeup with some vibrant colored pencils.

You already know that my concentration is solely on waterline makeup if you’ve read this far, don’t you? In order to make your makeup stand out even more, there are always new things you can attempt. However, I also realize that experimenting with different looks might be a little frightening. Be inventive, but keep in mind that makeup is all about experimenting. so don’t worry!

waterline makeup
Blue Waterline

So guys, if you’re as eager to give this a go as I am and you want to get a poppin’, sparkling, bright-eyed look, just do it. Simply apply some vibrant eyeliners to your waterline to add some color to your regular makeup regimen without going overboard. There are so many colors to select from, including blue (my fave), pink, purple, green, and neon hues. Wow, any of them would look fantastic. The more vibrant the shade the better!

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Oh, and as you are all aware, I must leave you with some advice. So keep in mind that the idea is to draw attention to your eyes, and here’s a tip: choose retractable eyeliners if possible, especially for use along the waterline. I find them to be more enjoyable and simple to use, and their creamy formula makes them simple to apply. Additionally, this may vary on the brand you choose. Those eyeliners I’m referring to are available from companies like Elf, Covergirl, and Sephora, to name a few.



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