Bridal Style: How To Choose Your Tanzanite Wedding Ring

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So, you have finally decided on your wedding date but are finding it tough to choose a tanzanite wedding ring that stands out like nothing else does. Well, now that you’re here, you don’t need to worry about that at all. I’ll enlighten you about how you can choose a Tanzanite wedding ring in this article. Therefore, it’s all downhill from here, and you only need to go through this article mindfully. So, it’s about time we set the ball rolling.

Tanzanite Wedding Ring
Tanzanite Wedding Ring

A gemstone wedding ring consists of three aspects – a gemstone, a gemstone setting, and metal. You should thoughtfully decide on these three aspects of your Tanzanite wedding ring. Keeping this in mind, let’s start with the gemstone first.


Tanzanite is known for its vivid blue and purple colors. The gemstone’s appealing colors are the prime reasons for it becoming all the rage in the present times. You should choose an intense blue tanzanite for your tanzanite engagement ring. That’s because tanzanites that emanate intense blue colors are a sight for sore eyes. Moreover, tanzanite is a pleochroic gemstone, which means that tanzanite displays different colors when viewed from different angles in different lighting conditions.

Therefore, an intense blue tanzanite wedding ring will look its level best. However, you should know that intense blue tanzanites are costlier than pale blue ones. That’s because gems with paler colors are more available. Hence, such stones are affordable. So, this is how you should choose the center stone of your Tanzanite wedding ring. Now, let’s learn about deciding on the next aspect of your wedding ring.

Gemstone Setting

The gemstone setting of any jewelry piece should be chosen with careful consideration. That’s because a gemstone setting is responsible for securing the center stone in its place and highlighting its beauty and appeal in a way that turns heads wherever the wearer goes. In this sense, you can choose the prong or bezel setting for your Tanzanite wedding ring. That’s because these two gemstone settings can do wonders in protecting the center stone of your wedding ring and providing enough room for the center stone to flaunt its elegance and grace. In the prong setting, 4 or 6 metal claws secure the center stone, sparing no effort in protecting it.

Therefore, you can choose this setting for your Tanzanite wedding ring. As regards the bezel setting, it protects your center stone like nothing else does. The center stone is encased in metal in the bezel setting, implying that it provides the utmost security to the center stone. You can also choose from other gemstone settings like the channel, cathedral, and tension settings as per your opinion. So, now you know how to choose a gemstone setting for your tanzanite jewelry piece.

Tanzanite Engagement Ring 2
Tanzanite Engagement Ring


Last but not least is metal. From gold to platinum, there are a number of metals that you can choose. While your tanzanite wedding ring will rock in all metals, you should precisely decide on this aspect of our ring as per your comfort. That’s because some metals can cause allergies to your skin. Therefore, you should only choose a metal that doesn’t cause any harm to your skin.

The Bottom Line

Tanzanite is a fascinating gift from Mother Nature that has the power to seize the interests of everyone. Apart from this gemstone’s appealing colors and a good level of resistance to scratching, tanzanite is also famous for its rarity; in fact, it’s one of the rarest gemstones. Choosing this gemstone for your wedding ring is a great decision. Now that you have understood the crux of choosing a Tanzanite wedding ring, I’m sure you can take the plunge. So, you should begin now!

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