Bracelets And Men’s Style

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Once we establish the fundamental truth that men can wear bracelets if they choose to, the next natural inquiry is, “Why would they want to?”

The function of a well-selected bracelet is similar to that of any other item of jewelry, such as a necklace or ring. It’s not meant to be the focal point of your ensemble, but it is meant to be a noticeable accent.

Your preferred clothing will determine the bracelet’s shape. Something classy and metallic is a good fit if you regularly wear a suit and tie. You’re probably likely to look better in leatherette, rope, and beaded clothing if your wardrobe is more comprised of wrap pants with tropical shirts It quickly becomes tiresome to have your bracelet slide back and forth. Anything weighing a lot should be fitted quite tightly; lightweight materials like rope and bead pieces can optionally have a bit more give.

How to Wear and Display a Bracelet

The fact that most traditional menswear does not accommodate bracelets is part of the issue with them on men.

Suit and shirt cuffs will compete with bracelets for wrist area unless you have your sleeves made with bangles in mind.

As a result, bracelets are mostly a summer trend because short sleeves make it easy to flaunt them. However, you may incorporate them into long-sleeved clothing as well if you exercise some caution. Here are some general pointers on how to wear a bracelet without coming off as strange:

Bracelets should be worn like wristwatches; they should be covered by sleeves that are sufficiently long to cover them.

This is a tutorial about a beaded necklace which is very delicate with beautiful colorful column shaped.Let's have a try!

Don’t wear many heavy, metal bracelets; instead, stack as many delicate cord bracelets as you like on the same wrist.

Similar to how a bracelet made of thick metal does not complement a watch, thin cord bracelets do. On the same wrist, wear no more than one large metal band.

Always wear one wrist bare rather than both covered in jewelry. It’s seldom a good idea to wear bracelets that match each hand unless you’re trying for an erotic cuff style.

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Types of Bracelets for Men

Without any fashion education, you can undoubtedly tell that a bracelet is clearly not intended for men: delicate metal bands adorned with valuable stones are almost exclusively used by women.

But it still leaves a rather wide range of choices, not any of which the previously bracelet-free man is likely to choose. The main fashions that are still popular today include the following:

Broad Metal Bands

The type of bracelet you’re most probably to see worn with shirts and ties is perhaps the most upmarket design for guys.

Though there are a virtually infinite number of flavors to choose from, the end result is always the same: a single, powerful declaration on your wrist. It has a clean, manly, and slightly confrontational aesthetic.

When you want a bit of flash and swagger, a metal bracelet works well. When it shines out from under your cuffs, let it shout for itself by pairing it with simple, yet attractive (and dressy), clothing.

Depending on the width of the bracelets and where you wear it on your wrist, you might need to wear shirt sleeves that are a little shorter than those of most guys.


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