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It’s easy to neglect regarding your real hair from the root, which does nevertheless want moisturizing, as soon as you’ve got container box braids in place. There are many solutions available for curly hair that soften the locks and lessen itching caused by wearing a style for an extended period of time. “Products that have penetrating components like coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, and olive oil were great to use while maintaining these styles,”advises Stephen. She advises leaving them up for a maximum of two months before taking them down. Now that the basics are out of the way, take a look at out a number of the excellent field braids hairstyles below. But be warned, it might not be clean to select out simplest one.

Box Braids With a Scarf

You ought to rest on a pillowcase made of silk or wear a scarf made of silk at night (or what both) to make sure your braids don’t frizz. Yet as Jhené Aiko shows in this video, the scarf need not only be worn in the bedroom. When you leave the house, wear it to accessorize your outfit.


Sunrise Braids

Who said the color of your box braids had to match your natural hair? Or, for that matter, have a true hair color? With these vivid pink and orange braids, be brave and venture beyond of your comfort zone. The final touch of the pom-poms is ideal.

There are countless possible looks, such as goddess braids, box braids with beads, knotless box braids, and bob braids. For more ideas, check out this list of the loveliest box-braid hairstyles.  Africans and members of the African diaspora favor box braids more than any other type of hairstyle. This type of hairdo is “boxy” and has square-shaped hair divisions, making it a “protective design” (a style that may be worn for a long time to enable natural hair growth while safeguarding the ends of the hair).

Hairstyles with braids date back to West African civilization 3,500 BCE. Initially, a person’s age, tribe, religion, position, and other characteristics were connected to their braiding patterns and styles. Forming social ties through braiding was another benefit. In both African and African-American cultures, braids have a long history. Box braids are a fantastic protective style, but if they are overly tight and put too much strain on the scalp, issues may occur. This may cause headaches, hair breakage, and thinning edges.

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