Bollywood Male Celebrities are slaying their fashion Game! Check them out!

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We all know and follow many female celebrities and appreciate their fashion choice but what about our beloved male fashionistas? They deserve our appreciation and love too!

Let’s have a look at some of the Bollywood male celebrities who are slaying, rocking, and everything in between!

Bollywood Male Celebrities are slaying their fashion Game!

-Guys, take notes

1. Shahid Kapoor

The lime green patterned mishmash, styled by Anisha Jain in a Paul Smith bomber jacket, looks like something straight out of a Wes Anderson film, except for the jeans. Oh, so 70s. Shahid is usually well-dressed. I can’t think of a single miss.

Bollywood Male Celebrities 1 via: Instagram

He took a step forward into the 1980s here, lensed in a Gaurav Gupta design, with all that sparkle and glitz reflected judiciously onto the tuxedo. Male celebrities frequently disappoint when they appear on red carpets wearing nothing but a simple black tuxedo. Subtle decorations such as this are required if they are to avoid the wrath of the fashion police.

Bollywood Male Celebrities 2


2. Vicky Kaushal

Bollywood Male Celebrities 3

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This ice blue duet, placed against what appears to be Croatia, Turkey, Austria, or somewhere I’ve never visited, is a refreshing approach. We could have done without the white V-neck, but we’re going with it. The clean lapel edges and pocket structure are exceptionally pristine, adding to his suave flair.



3. Ishaan Khatter

Bollywood Male Celebrities 4

It’s awarding Student of the Year 14, and I’m not particularly opposed to that. This large varsity jacket, designed in collaboration with Louis Vuitton, adds to his fun-loving persona. He’s both easygoing and fun.

Bollywood Male Celebrities 5

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Ishaan donned a modest tank top, brown cargo trousers, and sneakers for a trip to France. Continue to the next image for more information. A steel-finished chain, bracelet, and ring. Simple casual combination. This is one of the reasons we adore him. The relatability streak remains unbroken.


4. Ayushmann Khurana

Bollywood Male Celebrities 6

Allow me to explain. I recently expressed my hatred for male celebs dressed in basic black suits. Nonetheless, this outfit is on the list. The primary reason is an absence of a monotonous white shirt and a bow tie. Also, fantastic boots. The true show stealers.

Bollywood Male Celebrities 7

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Mr. Khurrana chose a Cord bomber with a neutral-hued abstract fabric for Anek movie advertising. The style does not necessarily have to be a performative jangle. When the wearer is at the top of his smirking game, combinations like this tend to work nicely.


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