Body, mind, spirit… and Fashion

body mind spirit and fashion
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If we want to have a happy and healthy life, we already know that we need to take care of our body, mind spirit, and fashion. Some consider that it is enough to live only for a beautiful image, while others believe that only inner beauty is enough. And it might work for some..

But lets face it: if we want a completely fulfilled life, we need both. We need to balance our body, mind and spirit. Therefore our fashion sense andour passion for fashion are a good way to do it.

Body and fashion

body and fashion

You can have the most beautiful and toned body, but if its badly dressed no one will see it. That is the ugly truth. The right fashion styling helps you highlight your silhouette, accentuate your favourite parts and correct those you dont like.

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The right clothes also help you in interpersonal relationships. When you dress well you can more easily get a good result in an interview, but also a romantic dinner.

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Today there are even clothes, especially underwear, specifically designed to help you lose weight and tone and correct your body. From push up bras and fake shoulder jackets, to corsets, and shaping panties.


Fashion and mind

fashion designing

Sometimes our passion for fashion can be a good way to keep our minds busy, but also to relieve stress.


Every time we put together a capsule wardrobe or simply choose our daily outfit, we give our lazy brain a workout. It also helps us focus on the present moment and stop overthinking.

Cleaning out the closet can be a great way to relax and enjoy yourself and get rid of some old memories.

When we take a fashion class, have a hobby that brings out our fashion sense, or simply restyle some old clothes for ourselves, we keep our minds busy, get rid of the daily routine and boost some creativity. Whether youre crocheting, sewing, analysing outfits or drawing sketches, theyll keep you focused and always able to try something new.

Can fashion help our spiritual evolution?

Although it may seem hard to believe, it really can. Clothes of certain colors can help you get rid of particular emotions or even illnesses, heal your chakras, and maintain a positive mood.

Natural crystal accessories have a beneficial influence on emotional, spiritual and health evolution.

If you use clothes from certain clothing styles correctly, you can manage your feminine and masculine energy to your advantage.

Natural textiles help you maintain or even raise your vibration level.

Black and white can be useful if you know when and which one to wear.

So, our body, mind and spirit have a close connection with our fashion sense, and if you know how to use your passion for fashion in a positive way you can benefit both your inner image and your outer image.

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