Best Vans For 2022

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Vans is an American manufacturer founded back in 1966. The company’s actual full name is Van Doren Company. The founder is one brilliant gentleman by name of Paul Van Doren. He had a vision; a vision to bring a change in the shoe industry. And his idea was to come up with a kind of shoe suitable for skateboarding. A shoe with extreme comfort levels not only when skateboarding, but also while walking around town in these gorgeous designs of kicks.


Let’s face it guys, we all love Vans. Especially the Vans old skool right? Yeah. And what’s about this shoe? Well, from the appearance itself, the shoe is a simple design. With a nice well-fit cotton interior that offers you top-of-the-line comfort. The sole?! It is just amazing. Feels really good with these shoes on, I admit.

Vans 1

Then we have the custom Vans edition. For these shoes, they are hydro-dripped. Painted and in whichever color you’d like them in. You get to choose; beautiful right? Very gorgeous. Personally, my favorite splash on Custom Vans is purple. Exactly the design on this shoe right above. I just love it.

Vans 3
Phot o Credit Vans

Where to buy Vans?

Vans website, the, is the best online site for you on this one. Other websites such as and are as well great. Also, check your vans outlet at your town center for one of these pairs guys. You’ll love them, I’m sure.


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