Best Sunglasses Brands For Men In 2022

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The best sunglasses brands are infallible sources of stylish UV protection, and purveyors of premium eyewear so nice it might actually ruin your day if you accidentally sit on a pair. If I have no eyes or defective then we can not see anything clearly and our life becomes hell, So sunglasses are very important in sunny areas. And sure, the list is stacked with a formidable lineup of the usual suspects—the Ray-Bans, Persols, and Oakleys of the world—but you’ll also come across a few names you might not know, including up-and-coming indie darlings looking to carve out a niche for themselves in the ever-crowded eyeglasses space.


Ray-Ban is an American-Italian company of luxury sunglasses and eyeglasses. It was established in 1936 by Bausch & Lomb. The brand is known for its Wayfarer and Aviator lines of sunglasses. In 1999, Bausch & Lomb sold their company of sunglasses and eyewear to Italian. And now this company is known as an American and Italian brand of Sunglasses.

Sunglasses Brand Ray-ban


Persol is an also Italian eyewear brand specializing in the manufacturing of sunglasses and optical frames. Their frames are very good and stylish. It is one of the oldest eyewear companies in the world and is owned by the Luxottica group. The name is derived from the Italian per il sole, meaning “for the sun”. Established in 1917 by Giuseppe Ratti, the Persol company made eyewear for pilots and drivers So they can drive fluently. At present time this company made durable sports sunglasses.

Sunglasses Brand persol



Oakley is simply based in Lake Forest, California, It is an American company that makes beautiful glasses and eyewear. The company designs develop and manufacture sports performance equipment and lifestyle pieces including sunglasses, sports visors, ski/snowboard goggles, watches, apparel, backpacks, shoes, optical frames, and other accessories. (Xanax) Most of the product is designed in their Head office and some countries hold exclusive designs relevant to their market. Oakley has currently more than 600 patents for eyewear, materials, and performance gear. Their main market is sports. They made sunglasses for sports people like who are swimmers, paragliders, skydivers, and many more sports.

Sunglasses Brand oakley



Carrera was founded in 1956 in Austria by Wilhelm Anger as the sports eyewear maker Wilhelm Anger Werker inspired by the Carrera Panamericana auto race. In 1964, Wilhelm Anger developed an ‘Optyl’ material and take a patent of their material. In 1974, the company was renamed Carrera International and established a headquarters in Traun, Austria, and went to partner with automobile designer Ferdinand Alexander to develop the sunglass collection Carrera Porsche Design. Carrera is making sunglasses as well as watches also. In the 1980s, Carrera sponsored sporting events such as America’s Cup, the 1988 Winter Olympics, and Formula 1 racing. In 1996, Safilo Group S.p.A. purchased Carrera and now has headquarters in Padova, Italy. In the same year, the company established its assembly plant in the province of Henan in China. This company makes stylish and beautiful designs for men and makes men’s opticals.

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