Best Summer Nails 2022

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Ladies, let’s face it. You love nails right? Yeah, you do. A lot actually. And here’s the best part; I decided to put up a blog for you today on everything to do with summer nails. Best summer nails for you dear in the year 2022. I bet you’ll enjoy this. Let’s go.

Best summer nails 2022 Best summer nails 2022

This right here honey, is the wedding summer nails edition. Perfectly fit for wedding parties. They are bright, very gorgeous, and pretty amazing on nails. Now you already know what kind of nails to go for when invited to a wedding party ladies.

Best summer nails 2022

For the summer nails above, I would recommend them for an evening night out. Prom night would also do great with such nails on. They closely resemble the wedding nails edition. However, there’s a slight difference between the two. The little toppings on this one are less compared to those on the wedding nails edition. Similarity? Both look extremely gorgeous and expensive at the same time. Though they’re not even that costly.  Matter of fact, they go for around 22 USD.

Best summer nails 2022

These summer nails with lots of shinings on top ladies, are best set for a day out, at the mall, or even park with your man. They’re simple, extremely beautiful, and honestly, they sell at an incredibly affordable price. Guess how much? Well, most retail shops sell it at 30 USD or there about.

With this in mind now, you honey should have an easier time selecting summer nails best for your outings. Remember, nails make you feel better. And, it’s totally allowed for you ladies to have them on.

Photo credits: Merlin Nails


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