Best Street Outfit Ideas

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Weird about the decent street outfit? Look at Kayne West’s black hoodies dressed, it is fantastic to look upon.

No worries. We’ve got you covered with our best streetwear outfit ideas for men and women in sunny weather and the cold season.

One of the most awesome things about the street outfit is how nearly everything is unisex–including everything on this list. Even here at You Don’t Want This Life, most of our pieces are not made for a specific gender. Our bespoke jackets and accessories are literally for everyone.

And everyone can embrace the freedom of the street outfit movement.

So what is streetwear? Depends on who you ask. But, generally, when you hear the term “streetwear” it means an athletically-influenced, casual style. Think bucket hats, hoodies, t-shirts, sneakers, and denim jackets. Most streetwear pieces are rendered in casual fabrics like cotton, twill, and denim. Some of the most popular street outfit brands right now include Supreme, Bape, and even Champion.

Bucket Hats

Street Outfit Idea 1

Farmers and fishermen, looking to shelter from the wind, the rain, and the rare sliver of sunshine, made hats from wool or tweed, fabrics that were naturally weather resistant and relatively abundant. They could handle a beating, had a wide brim for inclement weather, and could be folded into a waxed jacket pocket. Later on, as these things tend to go, the bucket hat was adopted by armed forces looking to shade troops in tropical locations. Military standard issue was taken up by the American counterculture – Hunter S Thompson and hip-hop – and later by Liam Gallagher and the aforementioned 1990s Manchester scene.

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In the 1970s, Norma Kamali, an American Fashion Designer was among the first designers to embrace the hoodie clothing styles to keep warm from the cold.

Around the same time, universities rated emblazoned hooded sweatshirts with their names.

The term “hoodie” was first used during the 1990s. Unfortunately, marginalized has negative connotations after being associated with criminality and some aspects of marginalized sub-cultures. In 2005, Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent famously banned shops from wearing hooded sweatshirts. Ironically, those very garments remained on sale within stores there.

In July 2006 David Cameron, leader of the Conservative, Party, made a speech suggesting that the hoodie was worn more for defensive than offensive purposes. The Labour party famously parodied the speech with the name “hug a hoodie.” This is one of many examples of just how the hoodie – more than any other iconic clothing style – has evoked such strong social, economic, and political ideas and honor sentiments.

Back to the future with our Iffley Ra old hooded sweatshirt

Creating a timeless piece that could fit seamlessly into our modern lifestyle, as well as becoming a trusted running companion, is at the heart of why we decided to create the Fife, a storm grey hooded sweatshirt. We felt the only way to honor such a beloved item was to try and elevate its trauma, a modern classic that delivers comfort – albeit in a more smart and sophisticated way.

You've found the one, now I find the dress.

Denim Jacket

Street Outfit Idea 2

While these brands have long been embraced by skaters, hip-hop artists, and surfers, the streetwear aesthetic didn’t rise to mainstream acceptance until the 1990s. Back then it was popularized by pro skaters like Tony Hawk.

Since the early 2010s streetwear clothing has been experiencing another resurgence. Just like the athleisure movement, streetwear offers a modern, relaxed take on fashion.

There’s a freedom to streetwear outfits that allows for true style and authentic self-expression. With all that said, let’s take a look at some of the best streetwear outfits…and how to cop them.

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