Best Slider Sandals 2022!


Some people wonder whether slider sandals are still in fashion at this point in time: May of 2022. Well, the answer to your question is, yes. Leather slides and sandals such as Birkenstocks and Chanel dad sandals are trending this summer. Fluffy Slides are also worth investing in. However, on the topic of sporty slides, don’t even think about them. Why? They are slowly going off the market radar. This means that sales are slowing down as time swings by. The majority of the people out here would rather not but them.

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Best Slides

For you to buy nice slides out here in the market full of counterfeit goods, you will first have to do your research pretty well. And one way to get it right is by going for the best brands out there. Here’s a list of the best brands that sell slides worldwide:

1. Gucci ’72 Sport Slide

2. Fila men’s drifter sport sandals

3. Suicoke black Siv sandals

4. Adidas men’s adilette shower sandals

5. Thom Browne Black Flag Pool Slides


With slides flooding the fashion industry this year, the majority of individuals began asking whether these kinds of shoes are good for the human foot. And my response, after a long thorough digging into the research, is that slides are good for our feet. They have an arch support system to prevent our toes from bending hence leading to a serious medical condition known as hammertoes.

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Best Slides

What are slider shoes, if I may ask? Slides or slider shoes are a type of light footwear that is characterized by having a loose heel that holds onto the front from the front.

What are pool sliders? A pool slider, in simple terms, is a half-flip flop, half sandal hybrid that ditches the toe-rope entirely. Instead, it opts for a strap that sits snug across your metatarsal and works just as well as overturned skin, as they do with Jersey shorts and sports socks.

best slides
Best Slides

What’s the difference between a slide and a flip flop? Well, slides are more similar to flip flops in that they have a flat sole. However, while slides have a single, wide strap that crosses the front of the foot near the toes, flip flops have a y-strap instead.

How should Slide sandals fit?

The base of the sandal should match your foot shape. It should be as wide as your foot to provide proper support. It should also have a thicker sole with a low heel to provide shock absorption and protect your foot as you walk around.


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