9 Best Skincare Techniques

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Looking for effective skincare techniques? At its core, skincare is all about maintaining the health of your skin, from your face to your hair to your body. By prioritizing daily skincare routines, you can take steps towards a healthier lifestyle overall. In this article, we’ll share some tips to help you properly care for your skin.

1. Deep Exfoliation Skincare Techniques

Deep exfoliation (also called micro-exfoliation) will remove dead cells from your skin and gives an instant glow. It works by removing both the natural bacteria and impurities from the outermost layer of your skin, thus leaving it with a revitalized feel and healthier look. The most important thing is that deep exfoli­cation is always done regularly as skin becomes older and the oil production decreases over time, so this is not to be left behind. You can use products such as Pure Pore Cleanser or Purifying Facial Oil for extra protection against harmful chemicals in your skin.

Deep Exfoliation Skincare Techniques

2. Hydration Skincare Techniques

A good way to keep your skin hydrated is by hydrating the entire area of your body, including your face. Your facial skin can’t be dried out and needs plenty of moisture to stay hydrated and protected. To do this, apply pure water to your cheeks, lips and nose and let them dissolve into the surface of the skin. This creates a barrier layer which protects your delicate skin layers from toxins and pollution. A simple tip to make sure the skin is adequately hydrated is using a makeup remover on clean skin and gently scrubbing it down with lukewarm water. If it doesn’t work then try rubbing a bit on the affected area gently and massaging in circular motions several times until the liquid evaporates.

You can also place a small number of ice cubes in the water mix to create a bubble of cold water around your face. Let the face soak up the excess moisture in the air for at least ten minutes before rinsing your face thoroughly under running water. Once you have removed any residue, massage clean skin gently with rose water and/or light hand cream. Don’t forget to exfoliate once your face has been cleaned. Once you’ve used your lotion, follow these steps: – Exfoliate gently, pat the skin dry with a clean towel and moisturize. Apply a toner to your neck and arms. Scrub gently from root to edges to get rid of any excess oils. Gently pat the face dry. Cleanse the face again with warm water and moisturizing lotion.

Follow the above process twice daily. Be careful not to rub too hard as your fine lines might turn red or become irritated. You can use an anti-wrinkle balm-based cleanser to reduce shine and control pores. Rinse after two or three days. After some months use a toner and a gentle cleansing gel. Avoid touching your face, instead, be gentle and clean your face with a soft brush. Wash the face once or twice every other day to protect it from sun damage and prevent ageing. Always wash your face with plain soap on clean skin. Do not leave your face wet. Before applying sunscreen avoid the eyes, mouth and nose. Apply your sunscreen to damp skin. Keep your hands off your face and don’t forget to keep your head well away from the sun.

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3. Exercise

Exercising means burning calories and building muscles which means that you’re creating a calorie deficit in your body. This reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Regular exercise should be included in your fitness routine. Try yoga and HIIT workouts in addition to swimming, cycling, stretching or walking. Just make sure you add some variety to your workouts by doing cardio, circuit training or tai chi. Any aerobic activity counts. Even if you love dancing it is important to burn some calories at rest as well to promote weight loss and decrease joint pain.

4. Sleep

Sleep is one of the greatest enemies of ageing, wrinkles and beauty. Our bodies need sleep to repair and replenish itself. But with age our systems slowly don’t produce enough melatonin which is responsible for producing serotonin. Low serotonin levels lead to increased blood pressure, lack of sex drive and depression. So sleep, what can I say no sleep is boring, no matter how much you want it to not come. Make sure to take the right things to bed before you go to bed. Also ensure to wear a mask at home with a strong scent, since you may sweat more during sleep.

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5. Drink tons of water Skincare Techniques

Drinking enough amounts of fluids keeps your face nourished and plump and healthy. Dehydration reduces the water content in the skin which leads to the development of premature wrinkles and sagging of the skin. Water not only lubricates the skin but also flushes out pollutants, germs and excess oil from our pores. Most people suffer from dryness due to excessive sweating but you don’t need to! There’s nothing worse than a wrinkled face covered in pimples which adds to dehydration. Take an Epsom salts bath and rinse with hot spring water after which you can drink warm spring water to rehydrate yourself, you can also apply honey or lemon juice in order to stimulate the circulation of blood.

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6. Reduce Stress Skincare Techniques

Stress leads to hormonal imbalance, it may cause your skin to look dull, have dark circles and freckles and increase your appetite which means eating larger portions. Being stressed may put increased strain on your skin, therefore, leading to irritation, dryness and inflammation of the skin. Reducing stress requires spending quality time with friends and family. Find something relaxing to do. Go on a picnic hike. Learn some new art, music, dance or just relax and enjoy life. Spend quality time with like-minded people. Eat meals together and socialise with a different group of people in order to break down the monotony and learn new skills. Meditation exercises can be very beneficial.

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7. Eliminate Body Odour

Body odour can be caused by a range of factors including; poor personal hygiene, poor diet, smoking, excessive caffeine consumption, certain medications etc. If you think you have body odours, then it is better to talk to your doctor immediately. You can get rid of bad breath by using white vinegar which helps eliminate foul-smelling food such as onions or garlic. Another option is to dilute apple cider vinegar with baking soda. You can also purchase products containing tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is known for being highly effective against many kinds of infections including yeast infection. You can even buy an enzyme cleaner for your bathroom sink.

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8. Sunscreen Skincare Techniques

Regular sunscreen can protect your skin from damaging UV rays, especially when wearing long-sleeved shirts and swimsuits. Look for SPF 30 (minimum requirements) and 30+ (maximum requirements) which provide broad coverage. While there is quite low benefit from vitamin C, it is highly recommended. If you wear large hats (that reach over 50º), it is important to cover your ears in case the sun is bouncing around between the branches. Wear sunglasses when outdoors and when using tanning beds. Get your skin checked annually and if necessary contact your dermatologist as early as possible. They can do a thorough skin inspection, examine the areas where freckles form and recommend topical treatments and other measures.

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9. Moisturises and Peels Skincare Techniques

While the main concern for young adults is preventing acne, many women are concerned about their thinning facial skin being too oily to tolerate makeup. When it comes to sensitive skin types, you may find it difficult to do without makeup. However, they are sometimes unavoidable. Wearing cosmetics shouldn’t be an issue unless you suffer from allergies. Some natural remedies for oily and acne-prone skin include raw egg whites for exfoliation, papaya enzymes and pomegranate extract which can help combat inflammation, improve pigmentation and smooth the skin.

Other options may include glycerin, aloe vera and vitamin E oil which can improve elasticity and hydration. For those who wish to use makeup products and don’t feel comfortable with acne-prone skin, try avoiding powders, creams, shampoos and aerosols so as to retain your natural viscosity. Use blotting papers or wipes when it comes to liquids such as milk, olive oil and mineral water.

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