Best Shoes To Buy 2022!

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We all love shoes, don’t we? Yeah, we absolutely do. Matter of fact, a recent study on the percentage of people who wear the best shoes in the Likoni area, a town in Mombasa, Kenya shows that over 90% of individuals there have at least a pair of best shoes for themselves. We all know that shoes have been there for the longest time we can all think of. Back in the early days, most shoes were made of leather material. But as time fly by to the present times, other materials were used in the manufacture of shoes. Materials like fabric. With the numerous best shoes brand and types in the fashion industry, a person has to be really smart when it comes to making a purchase. Why? Cause counterfeits have been on the rise a lot. However, I am here to help you select the best shoes there. So, sit back, relax and enjoy this blog post guys.

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Photo by Aman Jakhar

One brand of best shoes that beats many in all aspects is the Airforce 1s. It has a thick sole that keeps you in the air. The interior is made of cotton, a material that absorbs heat and thus keeps you warm whenever and wherever. The exterior is made of tough material which guarantees its longevity. Moreover, it’s a good-looking type of shoe so it’s worth every penny.

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Another impeccable type of shoe is the one shown in the image above. A Puma Sport shoe. Comes in different colors ranging from white all the way to black. Has a soft touch on the inside and is made of cotton. The outside is smooth and sassy, a touch that gives this shoe a really gorgeous look. It also has a thick sole that makes you feel like you’re walking on air when on your feet. On a scale of ten, one would easily give it a 9. Why? It’s pretty obvious. It’s a flawless pair of shoes hence justifies its rating.

Where to buy the best shoes?

Online reliable platforms are nonother than,,, as well as Physical shoe stores in your local area are also an option to go for. Remember, though, that prices do vary greatly based on various factors. But my take on this is that price shouldn’t be a factor when high quality is in the question.

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